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I don't know what's wrong with arranged marriages. Most of the girls all whine about it and blabber about their true 'love' and stuff. I can't under that because my idea about arranged marriages...

Hello, dears! I'm Victoria Redwood; From a wealthy family on the northern hills.

Oh, oh! Are you imagining the prettiest girl around with the best behavior among her friends...attracting all men to herself and having tea with the wealthiest men of...

Weird enough. I don't know why nobody accept I'm like this.Hm?

Enough, I believe. Victoria's the worst girl you can find as your life's partner. She's not having a beautiful face to cover her clumsiness. She's the only girl in the neighborhood who doesn't know how to play piano. She never stops talking, she never accepts her weaknesses...And she's strangely over self confident! Well, like all the girls...She likes to get a handsome, gentleman husband. This is when her rich family comes in use. And this is when ~Arranged Marriage~ comes in handy. In order to make a richer family, Victoria and {Male}'s families agree on having their children married. This upsets {Male} and cheers up Victoria!

What will happen? Will {Male} escape? Or...try to shove some sense in Victoria's empty skull? Will he make her his fair lady? Or will he accept to step into the hell of living with Victoria?

Hoho; It all depends on you!

No skelly needed. Just make sure you're not a one liner...and you're good at comedy and you have interest in this plot...and you're creative enough to develop it...and you won't ditch and have a Victorian age pic, it doesn't need to be exactly the Victorian clothes...just be related.

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Victoria was lost for words when she met the girl she never expected to. Staring emptily, She let her luggage be taken. Then she remembered that she was one step above Elizabeth. This made a proud smile on her face. Haha, she was married now...let this Liz be on shelves. Poor woman didn't know how horrible her husband was. Then strangely enough Elizabeth offered her to help. Victoria pouted, did it mean she wasn't pretty and fashionable?


Victoria looked away, trying to keep her pride. "I'm not sure what are you talking about." She fixed her curly hair. "I was just going to meet my husband, Seb." She smirked at Liz. "But if you insist, fine." And gladly, she let Liz guide her in the crazy city of London. Victoria wasn't silent even a second. "You know, Seb is pretty busy with business so I have to be in his side. I know my dear man doesn't want me to get involved through hardships he tolerates but I never leave him alone. That's why I'm here. Just my stupid personal rider messed up the directions and I'm a bit lost. However, do you believe it? I can even sense my darling Seb here.I can almost see him, trying to make a safe life for his wife and his future child. I can almost..."

Wait, who was that figure? Victoria was frozen in her place. From an inappropriate place, came...

Her beloved Seb.

Impossible. Just an imaginary. They just looked alike. Victoria tried to look away and forget everything but her legs were shaky.

Oh, dear god!

Victoria wanted to faint.

Thankfully the carriage was moving fast enough.
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 230d 22h 50m 49s
"I hear you got married my good ole chap?"Lord Westcot said downing his whiskey. Sebastian rolled his eyes and glanced at his cards "Yes I did..had to. My father left the will with that requirement. Sly old cad"

Lord Wescot chuckled- his name was Harry but everyone called him Westcot, It came with the title."i win" He said pushing his cards down. Everyone else groaned and paid him. It was rumored that Westcot had not a penny to his name- his father had left the state in debt and that Westcot was rebuilding it out of pure gambling,

The night was over already and everyone went their own way leaving those two together talking deep into the night without knowing that a certain woman had arrived in london.


I went to London to have a season and forget about Jacob. I was going to catch me a husband and let's see what people will say about that.My aunt received me with her arms open and gave me a tour of the fashionable part of London and as we were shopping my eye caught sight of something very surprising.
Victoria stumbling with her luggage. I grabbed her arm "careful"
She must be oh so surprised, well not as surprised as I am. Well maybe not so surprised. I knew Sebastian and he was a cad- though i was willing to marry him. But a girl in love is different than one that knows she is doing pure business.

"come drink tea with us" my servant took her luggage and stored it in the back of the carriage. She looked out of fashion, tired, and sad..pitiful really.
I was going to do something about it.

"Victoria..do you want to turn into a fashionable girl that will turn heads" and teach sebastian a lesson?
"I can help you" and no there isn't a dark intention behind this. I just hate men making fools of girls in love.
  Sebastian Brent / Apple / 5y 236d 20h 5m 29s
First day
She didn't mind his absence, spent the day wandering in the manor and imagining that when will he take her to London. Victoria admired the hugeness of the place and started knowing the few maids.

Seventh day

She'd been taking tours in the area, realizing it wasn't the best house to live in. She barely could see any neighbors. She was waiting impatiently for her husband to come, maybe he knew something entertaining to do rather than reading books and eating. Victoria could swear she had started gaining weights, she had started her bossy attitude again, feeling somehow unmarried without a husband to control her.

Fourteenth day

That was it. Victoria felt like a prisoner, she was sick on those walls, she was sick of thinking that her husband was either sick, lost or even dead in that glorious London. The blonde couldn't wait any longer, she didn't want to be a useless woman so she decided to check on him herself. She thought that he'd be happy to see that his woman is such an independent one. So Victoria hired a carriage after packing up, dressed in her best clothes like a lady- she wanted to be the prettiest among the London women, she wanted to shine- And then started the journey towards London.

She was confused, lost and clueless when she met the streets. It was indeed a world, with dirty low streets and clean, rich ones. Wealthy ladies and gentlemen walked with each other lovingly, carriages were ridden everywhere...Victoria got off the carriage, her luggage in her hands. Now what? She gulped, wondering if she's too out of fashion. Nothing to be scared of! I'm Victorian Re-Brent! She nodded to herself and walked towards the inn she didn't know at all. Some men...looked at her strangely. Victoria stiffened her back, she was alone and kinda pale. Too obvious that she was new around. An alone lady in an inn...Victoria had no idea how rare it was.

For some reasons, the luggage started getting heavier and heavier, poor woman was shaking entirely. London was creepy...It was he first time doing something on her own, she even tripped over and hardly gained her balance. Just where are you, Sebastian?!
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 242d 20h 56m 32s
She was a wonderful thing during our honeymoon. Childish during the day, very sexual during the night that I started to question whether I seduced her or she seduced me. I rather think that if i had been a complacent man I would have been happy with this However I am not a complacent man. I like my freedom and Victoria was not part of that freedom. She was my wife. My property and she had to learn to stay put. I took her to my mannor and to my relief it look presentable. Freshly painted with new everything. Money well spent I say. She should be glad of this. We spent there one night- because i like to say goodbye to my wife in the best way possible.Meaning showing her things that she probably has never learned before.

The next morning I was gone. If she asked the house keeper would tell her "Mr. Brent left for london Madam. Didn't say when he would be back"


Dancing with the idiot was better than i imagined. So I love the fool but that does not excuse the things he did to me. I say nothing while we dance but damn my eyes- they are getting red and watery. I can't take it. I remember all those feelings he made me go through. All that love I felt and then the misery when I found out it was all a lie.
I pull away from him. My face red and tears falling down my face. i rather look angry than this.
"don't..don't even ask me to dance again..or talk to me..just don't..act like you don't know me. that would be kinder towards me" I walk out of the house. Mindless. I just want to walk off this earth and never appear again. Damn those redwoods.
  Sebastian Brent / Apple / 5y 243d 20h 46m 55s
The honeymoon was awesome. Victoria enjoyed each seconds of it, no that doesn't mean she was stuck to Sebastian all the time. The blonde girl ran into the sea with bare feet and screamed happily as the cool water stroked her skin. She did all the playful things a kid would do. Once she made her poor husband to check the beach because she had seen a figure there which turned out to be her nightmare, confused in reality and dream world. Victoria acted all cute and adorable for him, feeding him sometimes and after that requesting something impossible from him...Like swimming in the wild waves. And sometimes she behaved crazily, putting a crab among Sebastian's clothes. No, she wasn't a matured romantic girl. Only at nights when she was all exhausted from her plays, her feelings poured on her husband to show that she's learned how to seduce him.

When it was time to go back to the normal routine of life, Victoria was all bright and cheerful. The honeymoon was refreshing for her. The woman was starting to give her husband kind smiles; Proving that she's getting matured, learning how to be a wife. But it was still a long way...

Poor Victoria had no idea what place was awaiting her.

Jacob saw her dealing with an old man. He watched her a bit and saw the unpleasant look on her face. He could see how she tries to avoid the man slightly. Jacob decided to ignore her but damn...that was his duty to marry her and now that she hadn't succeed in marrying Sebastian...he was itching for a dance with a skilled woman and...he found himself walking to the girl and bowing slightly asking her for a change of dance partner. His expression was dead serious but his eyes were soft, who could be mad at an innocent girl?

However, he could never dance with Maria like this.

Only a dance.

Nothing would happen.

Just to save her from the geezer.

He tried his best to look emotionless.
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 249d 16h 26m 59s
So victoria, there is something I haven't quite told you. I should have but you see I didn't think we would marry this fast. So in truth I was going to get the manor house repaired a long time ago, but there are a couple of leaks, and its kinda moldy and i only have to servants and they are kinda old. Its not because I have no money, none of that. Its because I never even stepped a foot inside that property. My house in london is grand and magnificent. I would show it to you, but I am afraid that you will make a fool out of me.

SO here is the deal- we will pass some charming days in a cottage by the sea. I will enjoy my husbandly rights and hopefully get a kid into your belly and then I can drop you off and by then hopefully the house will be in a better state. Don't worry I already sent various people to work on it. It won't be paradise but it will be something.

I could tell all of that to her, but she will more than likely freak and stab me with a needle, so instead I smile to her. Kiss her a little to stop that rampant mouth and hope to god that our honeymoon is better than our courtship.

Though I do want to know what i did that night. But since I was drunk and everything is gone I might as well just try and try again.

We arrive at the cottage by the sea. A lovely little thing with a seashell path and a woman who will deliver food three times a day.

Enjoy the honeymoon- no?


Elizabeth eyed Jacob. It was the wedding party and even if the bride and groom were gone people expected a dance and food and drink. Something the Brents provided in great quantities. An old man asked her to dance and she graciously accepted.
She was an splendid dancer but for some reason she kept stumbling- no it was not some reason..the old pervert man kept trying to cup a feel and she was not having any of that. Goddamn it where was sebastian when a girl needed him.
Oh yeah married.
  Sebastian Brent / Apple / 5y 249d 21h 8m 7s
Jacob caught the sight of Elizabeth. His eyes narrowed and he quickly looked away, showing his hurt feelings. My feelings aren't for playing, lady. He thought and looked at Sebastian with disgust who was having a 'dirty' kiss with his poor sister. The Redwood family weren't used to the french love. French people were all naughty from the beginning but English ladies were real ladies. Mrs.Redwood was staring at the ground, wondering when will this kiss end. Mr.Redwood was the only one looking at the scene normally, he wasn't a strict man you see.

But nobody could be in Victoria's place. She blinked when he didn't let her pull away and her eyes widened as her lips were forced open. A foreigner entered her mouth and explored there. This made her body limp, letting him do as he liked. Victoria had felt he always had the upper hand. Her fighter soul didn't like this but her heart didn't want to stop him. He finally let go and the blushed bride and the proud groom headed to the carriage. Everyone cheered for them and Victoria said goodbyes to her family, expecting a happy life with her husband. The arranged marriage happened, if we ignore the slight errors.

"Finally..." Victoria sighed in relief as the carriage started, she gave her parents the last glances and waved. "Sebastian..." Wow, she could call his name whenever she wanted. "Sebastian, isn't this great? We finally have each other!" she said like she knew the man always loved her. "Today...today is like a dream to me! I'm finally married and those jealous girls are burning!" The blonde giggled, yet acting childishly. "I don;t think I an bear living away from my family for a long time. I would miss the apple trees; Maybe we can visit them once in a while...your mother too. You should check on her too." The wife was showing her talkative side again. "But geez, these clothes sure are itchy!" She pouted, relaxing in her seat and the carriage kept riding. "Now we can think about our future plans!" Victoria leaned forward, smiling widely. Poor simple bride, not knowing what a monster her husband can be.
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 249d 21h 38m 36s
"I thought you were going to marry Sebastian" One of the girls said and I smiled poiltely. Bitch don't rub salt on wound. If Sebastian had not been drunk adn Victoria not the seducing minx I didn't know she was- that would be me right now.

"She is ruined . She has to marry him" Margaret said sullenly. Everyone turned to the little girl and eyed her "She stayed in my brother's bed"
People were gasping with shock. Sure they had an inkling of what had happened but they did not think someone would say it outloud.

"She is a hussy" Someone whispered. "he was forced to marry her...we all knew he had broken their engagement...what a brazen girl..it looks like her parents did not teach her correctly"

I abstained from saying anything. Victoria might be a brat but she is a girl that knows nothing about men. I knew it was sebastian the one who got hot and heavy on the girl. Damn it couldn't he just go lay with Maria the town's slut. As much as Jacob might adore her- that girl has a reputation for sleeping in the hay with various men.

I look around and see jacob. Damn him. Why does my heart go crazy in my chest when I see him. I survived his humiliation, I will survive this one too. A toast for the bride and groom. Why not?


Kiss the bride.. The fuck why not. I barely remember what I did that night that is starting to become a novel thing. I pull her towards me. You are mine now girly and i have no idea why that sounds so satisfying. Almost as if I really had wanted that. I want to remember if that night with her was any fun- must have been.

Our lips meet and she is trying to make it into a peck and back away. Ho, ho,ho not today girl.
My lips are hungry against her, prying her mouth open , swirling my tongue inside her mouth. They call it french kiss- I call it ..well I really have no name for it but victoria is surely melting. It will make her think of forbidden stuff I more than likely did to her. Not that I remember but I am an experienced lover. I would like to think I did not push the girl onto the bed and just take her like a common slut.

i Nibble on her lower lip, finally separating me from her to face a quiet room. I was not blushing or anything silly like that. This was my wife and i have the right to kiss her in whichever way I find the most satisfying.
  Leonardo Gallardo / Apple / 5y 249d 22h 1m 15s
Victoria was avoided to look at anyone in the room. Especially him.To think how he did that to her, how she let him to do was making her nervous. Was it normal for married couples? Sebastian had started to look like a monster to her, she didn't want to accept that she also helped him in it. Whenever he wanted to approach them, she stuck herself to his mother weakly. Victoria could guess how pathetic she looked. Her body was still in slight pain which was fading.

Then he told everyone that he will marry her. Marry the 'girl'? But you were all 'Victoria, Victoria' that night. Don't behave like I'm a burden! You enjoyed it,didn't you?! Victoria had just started realizing what kind of monsters men can be. Victoria mother was just shooting glares. Her father was so serious, he started talking about the day of marriage. Everyone wanted it to happen sooner. Victoria was just melting. Isn't it what you always wanted? Be happy,... She gave a glance at Sebastian but his face made her even gloomier. She didn't want everything end like this.

"Th-thank youuuuu!" Victoria started crying loudly, at least he was kind enough to not escape and leave her behind.

The wedding day soon arrived.

I wonder what will that Elizabeth think when she sees me arms to arm with Sebastian! Victoria span to watch herself in the mirror. She was a bride now, dressed in wedding gown. Finally, the day arrived. But deep in her heart she wasn't happy. He had told her to let him take the lead. Was marriage like this too? Was she going to be his shadow, only following? Victoria tried to clear her mind. Forget it! Forget it! He's yours now...

But he had owned her sooner.

Everything was going smoothly. Victoria was confused, she never expected to reach this stage and say the magical sentence of,

"I..." What if...she says no? If 'that' hadn't happened she would do that for the fun of it. Damn you, Sebastian!

"I do." And now they had to kiss. Victoria had forgotten about this part. She stood there like a statue, wondering why aren't they leaving.


What are they waiting for? Victoria was tired, she wanted to reach a bedroom and faint on it.

Let the man take the lead. I'll just wait.

See? She was a good student.

"You may kiss the bride..."

Eeek...She blushed madly. That wasn't right, it wasn't going to be their first kiss. So why the hell she was so shy about it? IT would be the first time he kisses me while he's not drunk.

Well, it could be seen like that.
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 250d 57m 31s
I wake up and alarmed see Victoria pulling her clothes on, crying and I want to slap myself. No need soon my mother does it for me. Not only me, but the maid seems to be backhanded too.
Oddly enough in all this Victoria is treated like a victim, my mother takes her away from my clutches because God forbid I could do something to the girl that I haven't done yet. Though what I have done to her is still in my mind and goddamn it is true men only think with that bit of sausage in their britches. I ruined everything for one night of drunken passion- drunken on my part what is her excuse? She needs none. I could say she totally seduced me, but let's face I was the one who lead her every step of the way. Kept telling her to look at me, even as i lifted her skirts. Well I guess the old man will get his way after all.

Margaret is roaming the house looking entirely furious because Victoria stayed here and because listening to mother rant she knows something odd is happening. I watch her slip out of the house and that's good. Less people to worry about.

Mother comes downstairs with Victoria and they sit together in the study. I pace the room. mother gives me glares everytime I try to approach them.

What will I do ravish her in my father's study? Someone is sent to the redwoods house with explicit orders that they are only to be told Victoria stayed here, but looking at the angry faces makes me think the messenger will need to be slapped too.

Of course I will marry the girl. I don't want to be facing a gun at sundown I am not a great shot and waking up early is not one of my best habits.

Before anyone says anything and before fists come flying my way I say loud and clear "I will marry the girl" Just so we are clear.
  Sebastian Brent / Apple / 5y 250d 9h 32m 30s
Sweet, yet bitter memories. She was carried away by his charm, she let his greedy hands explore her. She let him taste her. She could only see his eyes, she could only feel his warmness. Something in her pushed her forward to give him the permission. We're going to get married, aren't we? With this excuse, she let this sin sink her in joy.

Victoria gave up her innocence and let the man own her.

She didn't think about anything, she didn't think about tomorrow. Her focus was on the present. She let him take the lead. Because he was the man, wasn't he?

Victoria had learned the lesson very quickly...

Let the man take lead...

Sore, sinful and dirty. Her tired eyes opened slightly as hearing a woman's gasp. Where am I? She moved slightly, feeling arms around her...she could feel it thoroughly because, well...she had no cover on expect the blanket. Her heart started beating fast, she remembered everything. Sebastian seemed to be quite drowsy yet. Victoria felt ashamed of herself. She pulled herself away from him, not believing what just happened between them. She looked at the doorway, meeting the shocked maid. This confused Victoria, she was clueless what to do.

Silently she tried to reach for her clothes, thinking that Sebastian had taken all of them off made her more nervous. What have I done, What have I done...She was shivering, still weak. The maid ran off and this made Victoria panic. Now everyone would know what happened.

She wore her clothes, not daring to look at his direction. She was feeling unsafe. She wasn't even in her own house. Victoria done dressing and suddenly fell on her knees. She was feeling weird. Tears filled her eyes. Although she agreed, although she enjoyed...She...just felt like crying. What will others think?

"Please, Sebastian...we should marry!" Victoria looked so pathetic. At that moment, she really depended on him.

And the news reached the Redwood...

The mother was pale. Her migraine was killing her. The carriage stopped in front of the Brent's mansion. The poor woman leaned on her husband to get off the carriage. Jacob was the embarrassed rider. There was a backhand trace on his cheek. The mother was so furious, if he hadn't left his sister alone with that monster...The man didn't dare looking up as he entered the mansion.

It was all clear now. Those two had to marry before any information leaked out.
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 250d 9h 47m 43s
She was doing pretty well until she stumbled. I tried to catch her but we both fell. The music stopped. They say when the music stops the enchantment stops. It is not true. It is when it begins.

Our lips met. Shy and innocent hers, mine hungry and seeking.I pulled her up eventhough I am drunk I know the band is still here. I pull her away from the music room.I stop her in the dark hallway. She is looking up at me with those wide eyes of hers. There is something I should remember. Something nagging in the back of my head. My head is clouded. My lips meetings hers again. If she had pushed me away it would have been the end of it. Sent her home.

But she pulls me forward by my waistcoat. I explore every nook and cranny of her mouth, sucking down on her lower lip. From somewhere I know I should not be doing this. That voice is quieted down by my lips kissing her neck, pushing her dress lower, hiking her skirts up.

Touching her in places that make her sing like a well tuned piano. I pick her up and carry her up the stairs. Mother is asleep. Margaret is asleep.And My room is in another part of the house. Perfect.

No need for clothes. What is she thinking with those huge eyes. Victoria, I murmur into her ear as my fingers deftly undo the laces of her dress. She should tell me to stop. There is still time. Lots of time. Her dress falls off and pools at her feet. I kiss her hard this time. I want her far more than I should. My hands running over her body, touching those secret spots that she was taught only her husband should touch.

I pull the rest of her clothes off. She is naked and glorious. I pull her to the bed- taking my time. Kissing her from head to toe- stopping at the most important places. Remaining there for a long time relishing in those sounds that come out of her mouth.

It all began with that innocent kiss. It all began because I am too drunk to realize I really should not do this. But I remember her fleshy legs, her hand at the front of my britches.

I pause on top her, looking down at her "you can stop me you know" I don't know if that is true. If would be able to stop now but I want to say it- because I am a gentleman..no?

A gentleman does not go around ruining young girls.

She shakes her head and that is enough for me. I make her mine, drawing out my name from her lips with every thrust and every kiss. And as we make love our eyes never stop looking at each other.
Didn't I say "look at me Victoria"?

Tomorrow I will regret it, tonight she is only mine.
  Sebastian Brent / Apple / 5y 250d 19h 23m 49s
Victoria was about to cry when she saw him at the doorway. She was expecting harsh words. She was expecting the worst...

His first sentence made her look away. She felt pathetic and low. But then, she felt her wrist grabbed. Oh, no! Was he going to get rid of her forever?! She yelped in pure fear, not trusting Sebastian a bit. She blinked when she was once more in the ballroom. Victoria's heart was going to jump out when the waltz music once more began.

"M-Mr.Brent..." She stiffened when his hand touched her waist.That sent her a shock. She, for her first time, listened to someone. Count...and follow... She look straightly in his eyes, her eyes were clueless and curious. They were trying to read the male's eyes. Then it began, she was quite nervous. What if she screwed it up? But he seemed way too sweet.

Count was firm to her, full of pride and dullness which she couldn't understand. But...for the first time, a young man was dancing with her! Sebastian! She felt her cheeks heating. Wait,...what if I... She looked down at her feet but he called her name..her first name in a friendly name. Victoria's head shot up and she felt her notsosexy body against him.

She couldn't still trust him, she wanted to know where is she going but remembers to follow. Her mother was like this too, she couldn't accept to follow. Maybe her dance was bad too?

Victoria was looking away, not sure what to do. Elizabeth...how could she seduce him? Victoria didn't know, didn't know what to do...she only obeyed when he told her to look in his eyes.

She stared in his eyes.

"S-Sebastian..." She murmured. "Sebastian Brent, don't ever dare forgetting tonight." She tried to sound firm like her mother. "I'm not like other girls..." She gripped on his hand tighter. "This moment...will be so precious to me. And my precious time...should be more precious to you. Because you're the first one seeing the Redwoods' daughter dance properly. "

"I don't dance well for anyone." She giggled, feeling truly happy. Don't let this music end...don't let this music end...She was so sank in joy and music that she suddenly was shocked by the sound of thunder. God, she was scared of lightening. She mixed up the counts and stumbled, making him fall too...

Their lips...their lips touched!

Victoria was frightened. Now what? Now what? She felt melting on him, liking the feeling.

And now, I'd be kicked out of here by the butler as a whore.
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 250d 20h 12m 27s
All the guests had left and I was ready to go hide myself in my room and sleep. The rain had begun late into the night and it was not looking like it would let up anytime soon.
"Sir, there is a girl standing by the foyer. it seems her carriage left without her"

If I had known I would have shrugged, told him to send her home in one of our carriages and gone to sleep.Instead curiosity killed me.I went and saw.

I stood by the door looking at the girl standing there on the cold.

"its not good to be all alone in the cold you know" Ahh Victoria my once to be bride. I remember how miserable she looked at the party and I feel so sorry for her. A girl should never be miserable at a dance.
Suddenly I get an idea. I know I will probably regret it in the morning and i blame the alcohol I consumed during the dance because I am not thinking straight.

I grab her by the wrist and drag her to the ballroom. The candles are still on and the band of players have yet to go home.
"One last dance " I tell them and they look at Victoria. The girl who just looked. They wink at her and start up a waltz.

I put a hand on her waist.."listen to me..because I will say this once..first do not try to lead. Thats your problem..second count in your head...now look at me in the eyes" We are looking straight at each other. I begin to move "one, two, three"

Back and forth, then twirl "good..don't try to lead you are not the man..count..one two three...thats good" I smile at her.

I am drunk.

"look at me in the eyes Victoria" I tell her when looks down to worry about her feet. I pull her closer. She is not a bad dancer. Not terrible mind you, but she wants to lead. Thats her problem. She is supposed to follow.

"look at me victoria"

Its really strange. With Lizzy I felt nothing. With Victoria my heart is bumping furiously in my chest.

I am just drunk..right?
  Sebastian Brent / Apple / 5y 250d 20h 45m 7s
It wasn't right, it wasn't right. It should be all fake but..what if they were really in love? Poor Victoria was forgotten in a corner. She just watched how those two were meant for each other. The blonde felt like crying but she refused to shed tears in front of the man who was betraying her right in front of her eyes. For a second their gazes collided each other. Victoria stuck out her tongue and looked away.

This dance was so boring. Victoria found herself sitting on one of the chairs in a corner, staring at the torturing scene. Were they going to stop? Victoria felt a tear drop but she quickly wiped it. Why the hell ALL the girls knew how to dance? In the childhood, she tried her best but this wasn't in her blood.

Oh, the way he twirled her around twisted Victoria's stomach. For once, she felt like dancing with a male should be fun...a male who loves you...

Victoria felt like melting when some ladies looked at her, whispering. Rumors were spreading fast. Sebastian was wining the battlefield but Victoria didn't want to give up yet. She held up her chin like everything went okay as planned, although she was burning inside.

The blonde was tortured till the dance ended. She looked around to find her brother, he had disappeared. Victoria stepped out, it was raining outside. Where the heck was the carriage?

Victoria pouted and stayed there.

Really, could it be worse?

The heartbroken Jacob had taken the carriage without thinking, going somewhere to forget his problems with the magic of alcohol.

Victoria bit her lips. The couples were leaving the place. She was left alone...under the rain. How dramatic. She tried to hide herself in the shadows so that bitch, Miller, wouldn't notice her.

Why, why the heck Jacob should go crazy now? The sister knew well how sensitive her brother can be. He had the heart of a butterfly. When they were younger Victoria always made him cry. Was he crying now? Who was he drinking with? Or had he already fainted in a corner, the dogs licking at him. Victoria started imagaining the worst things.
  *×*Victoria*×* / valkyira / 5y 252d 7h 35m 18s

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