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So basically he knew nothing of what was going on with her. That was very helpful. He changed her just because of boredom and couldn’t care less what happened. Of course, he was the one who got rid of her close friends. She never thought vamps were born, but she didn’t know much except for the little of she was told. She found herself sitting down the couch but keeping a good distance from him.

“You’re a lot older than 100 then,” She stated. You’d think if a person lived over 100 years they’d start to built up their morals even if they were a psychotic vamp. She knew nothing of it. She was so lost. Camping was her idea; if she didn’t suggest it then they wouldn’t have been dead. They were dead because of her.

“No,” She quickly spoke. Instantly, she knew what shopping meant. Shopping meant going outside. Outside was where people were. If she was anywhere near another person she’ll lose it. She didn’t know what would happen but it truly scared her. IT would be a lot worse than what she did to that male in that chair. He was unconscious, he never stood a chance. It wasn’t fair! It wasn’t right to take a life.

“Unless it’s online shopping. I’m not going anywhere.” She sharply spoke and shook her head “I can’t. I won’t.” She felt that aching guilt grow in her, feeling cautious. She really did feel like she was going to throw up. The amount of blood down her throat... Next thing she knew it, she leaned forward and threw up and fear grew up in her. He was going to get angry wasn’t he? She really wasn’t too sure. She couldn’t predict. She just kept her eyes off and then the images flashed over her head again. Some things weren’t going to change. She can try to hide it as much as she wanted but the emotions in her, and her disgust was always shown through.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 198d 2h 36m 28s
It was nothing like she had imagine, this seemed to entertain him. What had she expected, coffins, daylight burning him, Gothic theme? He did have humanity even if he wasn't human. The young women quickly confirmed his thoughts, she did think he slept in a coffin. He wanted to laugh, throw his head back and listen to his chuckle echo through the halls. He refrained a smirk twitching on his lips.

"Whats not to be proud, I've kept it nice for a 100 or so years," he explained only to pause and listen to her next question. How did he control it, it was a never question as how. He was raised this way, it came naturally but for her it was a totally different nature.

"I don't know how long it takes," he admitted heading back to the living room where he feel down to the large suede couch that sat near the fire place. "I was born this way, my parents where this way. I was never human," he paused for a moment and then snickered. "Perhaps that is why I am a psychopath."

"What will you need, we can go shopping for you later," he began changing the subject to her.
  curzon / 6y 198d 3h 11s
She was scanning everything that they passed. She was trying to keep track of where everything was, make a mental map in her head of it. Who knew, it might come in handy. Maybe she could even find a way out eventually when she could. The place was huge and it was doing great in interior design. She had to admit to herself that it really was a nice house. She picked him frowning when he said it was mostly empty. Was he lonely? Not like she cared. Even if he was, he wasn’t much anymore since she had no choice but to stick around.

They arrived to the kitchen and she felt relief to see actual food. Did the mean she didn’t need to eat actual food anymore? That was depressing. She listened and made not in her head. She saw him glancing around and he looked like he was proud of it like any normal person except he wasn’t normal. She had a habit of saying what she wanted to say.

“I think...” She began, trying to pick up anything that fit her description of a vampire living in here “This is nothing what I imagined a psychopath-or vampire to live in. There’s no coffins and I don’t see enough black.” And then her mind would drift back and forth between that male that was dead. She did to him what happened to her friends.

“It’s big, the layout is great and the interior fits well,” She sighed “I can see why you’re proud of it.” She kept silent for a second and glanced at him, thinking how he could control it. How? She knew nothing about him. Was he turned? Was all vamps turned? She felt like she was thrown into some unusual land with nothing. She looked up at him.

“How do you control it?” She quietly asked “Does it take long? Where you turned like me?” More information, the better so she could figure things out.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 202d 9h 35m 40s
Anything else, the male's tongue darted across his lips as he pulled his shirt up. She had drank heavily getting her fill, at least she would live and not starve to death. "There is so much else, but I won't spoil the surprises yet," he declared glancing at the body and then at her. At least she hadn't tried to rip his throat out like she had done the poor male. He'd clean the mess up later and get rid of the body but for now there was more to see of the house then the pallor they stood in now.

"Well then," he moved towards her settling his hand on her lower back he led her out and once more they where face with the living room. "As you can tell this is the center of the house, most of the bedrooms are upstairs," he explained, "Most of them are out of use and empty." He added his lips curling into a small frown. The house really was empty of any living soul, but at last he had company even if it was a bit forced. His eyes ran across her and he was smiling again as he led her to the left. "That room is the study, drawling room, dinning room and the kitchen," the kitchen was where they stopped.

Clean and up to date, a large silver fridge sat snugly into the corner. "Food," his hand dropped away from her and he stepped towards it tugging it open. It wasn't full of blood but real food the works, milk, eggs, orange juice. "Despite the fact you need blood to live we are still able to enjoy a decent meal, but if you need some of that red crack it will be in the small fridge that in hooked up under the wet bar in the study."

Raziel glanced around feeling a little proud of his home and glanced at her. "Well what do you think," he asked.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 202d 9h 58m 16s
That’s all it was, survival. She had to get rid of the most of her emotions, just not the anger. The anger she’d definitely not get rid of. It’s what kept her grounded to know that he killed people she cared about. Maybe one day, she’d get the upper hand. She had eternity after all. She didn’t want him to be touching any part of her. She didn’t want him close but she couldn’t push him away. She held it in as he yanked her so close to him. She didn’t even think about it. She pierced his skin and drank from him. His blood...it was better than the others for some reason. Hearing him say good girl, it sounded like she was a dog. She took whatever she could get.

As she drank she heard listened to him but she very much doubted it. She’d always hate him for what he did. He was always going to be cruel. If she didn’t listen, it would grow bad. If she bored him, she will be killed. She’d just have to try to stay on his good side. She fought to pull away from him and it took a good long while before she did pull back and looked at him without a single emotion on her. He definitely broke her.

“You’ll always be cruel. I’ll just do my best so that you might not have to show it, but I’ll always despise you,” She stated and then licked her lips. She felt disgusted. Her stomach was turning from so much sight blood and then her swallowing it down. It was so inhuman. She wasn’t really her anymore. She didn’t know who she was anymore. She glanced up at him “Can we leave this room? I don’t see any other reason why you’d want to stay in here. I already understood... I have to do what you want, I belong to you. I can’t bite you without permission and I have feed if I want to live. Anything else?” In truth, she just didn’t want to see that male laying unconscious, bloody... It made her sick. She’ll hide that all. She wasn’t going to show any of her emotions. She’ll play good until she couldn’t handle being good.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 203d 1h 43m 33s
Raziel opened his eyes to watch her rise, to see her reaction. How could she handle it, would his toy break so soon. She was strong, he was right she was perfect. A spit fire but a smart one, she was taking it in strides. He removed his mouth and licked at his lips before stepping back to her. A small smirk sat on his lips as he ran his eyes up and then down her.

His hand raised to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear before his hand hand curled around her hair and yanked her close to him pushing his mouth onto his shoulder. "Here drink from me, a reward for being such a good girl," he explained. His free hand tugged the shirt away revealing skin. He wasn't afraid she would suck him dry, it wouldn't be easy after such a fresh meal he had made off of her friends and now this male. If she got to aggressive he would simply have to yank her back. It was like training a puppy.

He petted her head his mouth dipping to her ear, "I promise I won't always be so mean, who knows you many even come to like what I do," but not him, he wanted her to hate him. Hate him for what he had done, to be his ball of furry. His declawed cat.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 203d 2h 17m 45s
She winced as he pulled her arm roughly to pull her up. She glanced t him with so much hatred but she was afraid of him. She didn’t want to even bother try to put up a fight. She didn’t know whether getting killed was a better choice than living through this. Yet, she didn’t want to die. She feared that as well. This whole situation was the perfect worst nightmare come alive.

She just stopped the tears because she was beyond that now. She listened to him, not that she had a choice. She’d kill if it was her or someone else but only as a human, this was different, wasn’t it? She fell down her side and then sat up again, trying to hold her breathe. Lived for eternity... And she didn’t have a choice in it. She watched him grab the male and she didn’t want to look. She didn’t want to see another person die. She couldn’t think of a human being just something to snack on. That was what she was, her best friend, her boyfriend. They got killed like that. Then his words hit hard.

She belonged to him... She had to kill if he wanted her to. She really had to do whatever he wanted. She didn’t want to die that way. She raised her eyes and looked at him feeding off of that male that probably had a life, friends, and family. Raziel wasn’t out of control. Not like her when she really couldn’t help herself. She glanced down and then wiped her mouth. Until she got control, until she made sense of anything she couldn’t do anything but depend on him and listen to him.

She stood up on her up, still shaken up but tried to make it seem like she wasn’t “I’m sorry for upsetting you, I’ll listen to you. I won’t bore you...” Survive, that was the main goal. If she could live, not bore him, not make him upset then make her can turn things around.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 203d 2h 36m 40s
Like a deep caught in the head lights, the thought made him frown. She was no prey, she was a predator and this sleeping creature was her meal. At last her body reacted, instinctual lust as her body gripped, her teeth dug in and dark crimson spilled from the man's throat and he held himself in place. He could wait this one time.

The woman's bodies jerked back and he frowned, this was it his patient reached its tip as he moved towards her. His hand snaked out gripping her arm hard as he ripped her up forcing her to stand. It would bruise for about an hour or so before disappearing.

"Amusing? You don't have a clue what I find amusing. You asked me not to kill you, begged me in your delirium. I didn't kill you and I'm showing you what to do to live," he snarled throwing her back to the bleeding body. "You eat to survive, you eat to live. You want to kill me right," he asked stepping towards her once more. "Then what? You live for eternity Angel." He stepped towards the male grabbing the hair and tugging the head back, his fangs stretched out.

"You are mine, you do as I tell you. Feed off of what I tell you, and you make sure I don't get bored or I'll let you die like this. At least your alive." His teeth pressed in, he was neater then her showing that there could be control as he drank his fill of the body.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 203d 3h 13m 2s
That answered her question. Don’t ever bore him to her death. The way he just smiles, grins, smirk, it gave her shivers down her back. It reminded her that he killed them so easily, so happily. Her eyes followed of the area and couldn’t believe how his mother would have felt to give birth to somebody like this.

The house seemed really normal. It didn’t fit the stereotype of vampires sleeping in coffins, or underground with no windows what so ever. She would have even asked him if he sparkled but she didn’t want to take the chance to anger him and get herself in trouble. She raised an eyebrow wondering what he had meant. He moved ahead of her and saw him disappear from her view. And then it hit, as she followed him. She stopped at the entrance. As soon as she took one step in she felt her stomach clench and a great amount of thirst. Her eyes fluttered and she started to hold her breath. It was bad enough stopping herself from biting him. She then took a step back and glanced in fear.

She nodded her head no. She wanted to get out here before she did something she’d regret. Her eyes went on the man tied up, and she wanted him to bleed completely out. She was already losing to it. She couldn’t control it. She moved closer.

Don’t do it, Angel. Don’t kill anyone. Fear it, the blood. She told herself. She wouldn't. But the next thing she knew, she was at the man’s throat and she lost all of herself to it. The Angel she knew died. She wasn’t herself anymore... The girl who that just wanted to protect others, help out, defend, sang, smiled, it felt like it was all gone.

All that she could think of is blood, want more of it, all of it...kill it . Not him, it. She was practically ripping out the throat. When she realized what she was doing, it was too late. She backed away and fell to the ground. She glanced down as her expression grew dead, shedding tears.

"This is all so amusing to isn't it..." She muttered and kept quiet.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 203d 6h 11m 9s
That hunger, she was being forced to see how it could control her this was why he didn't offer more to her. He wanted her to remember this experience and to understand what she had become. He felt pretty good now, it had been awhile since he had to put his mind to something. He was moving left down the hallway when he caught her words and paused to peer back at her.

He was blank for a moment as if deciding and then a playful but serious grin popped to his face, "You'll just have to find a way to entertain me then won't you Angel." His body turned forward as he moved on tossing his hands up and pointing to rooms here and there. "This was my Mother's home," he began to explain though the dark halls seem to lack the touch of a woman's hand. "House keeping comes through even once in awhile to clean out but for the most part the room's most aren't used." The hall ended at a stair case opening to the large living room. A warm fire sat in the fire place, it seemed almost homely like a normal none psychopath killer liver there. "Ah don't eat the house keeping, they get paid a lot and I don't want to pay them any more," he explained with a nod of his head.

"Ah I have a surprise for you," he declared moving down the stairs he dipped to the left disappearing from her view. He stood in a room proudly looking down at the man tied in his chair. Lean, handsome almost his body heavy with sleep. "How do you like it," he asked turning expecting to see here there.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 203d 7h 7m 19s
She could see that he seemed angry by what she said. Maybe she should keep her mouth shut before things got bad but she really couldn’t even control her own words at this point. She knew that what she just drank wasn’t enough. It eased the pain but she was still wanting more, so much more. She tried to shrug it off her mind. She repeated his name quietly. It wasn’t a common name that was for sure.

She couldn’t understand him. One second he was a killer, then a bit nice, then harsh, and then being slightly sweet. Perfect...? How did he see her as perfect? She glanced up at him but kept her mouth shut. She didn’t want to be near him but she could see that there was no choice in this. This was it, instead of dying she had to go through this. She followed his eyes over to the window. Home...? Did that mean he meant to keep her here?

“I need more...” She let her thoughts slip “A lot more.” She felt like she was going to die, or go insane if she didn’t. She frowned, knowing her fear made this her worst nightmare. She got up from the bed, listening to him and following him to the door. She put her hand to the door knob and felt bad. Her parents... They’re probably wondering where she is. And what, she was just hear to end his boredom?

“You said you were doing this out of boredom. What if you get bored again?” She asked. Not an answer she probably wanted to hear but her friends were dead, and that was that. She felt dead knowing they were killed by him. She twisted the door knob and opened it. Right now, what she wanted most wasn’t her friends, her parents but blood. Odd.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 204d 12h 40m 37s
Raziel face twitched as if her words irritated her but the woman saved herself before his anger got the best of him. Who did she think she was, it didn't matter now she was his and she would have to understand this. Soon enough she would learn that fact, she belonged to him and only him or else she would belong to no one not even this world.

"Raziel," he stated, "My name is Raziel darling." He repeated his name in hope she wouldn't forget it and glanced at her cup. She had finished most of it already, he wondered if she would need more. Was the first feeding the hungriest, he did not he had been born this way and drinking blood was second nature.

"I think your perfect Angel," he declared as he tossed a kiss to her forehead and then slid her off his lap and rose from the bed to stretch, "Welcome to your new home darling, would you like to take a tour," he asked glancing towards the window. Sunrise, he could see the rays pushing through the window.

"I can show where to get some more..." he paused to glance at her as if considering something of importance. "A fear of blood," he mumbled out loud shaking his head lightly. "You are something else, come on up," this was more of an order then a question as he headed towards the bedroom door.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 204d 13h 11m 20s
All she knew, she had one goal in mind. Kill him. She wanted him dead, but on her own terms, not because she couldn’t think straight and turned into this. She was better off dead if she was going to be anything like him. How in the world did it turn like this? She was just hanging out with her friends not too long ago. It was this monster’s fault.

She heard him and she raised an eyebrow. She wasn’t stupid. She could tell a lie and if it ever came down to it, she had to find some way to get rid of herself instead of hurting someone else. She used it as an excuse and just drank from the cup quickly. It felt a lot better. She was fine calling him son of a bitch, and the rest.

“I don’t care about your name. I prefer to call you son of a bitch, you don’t deserve anything else,” She spat. And then she found her jaw dropping. What did he just say? Master? She thought that changing her into this freak was good enough for him. The thought that there was more bothered her. All she wanted to see is him dead and pay back for what he did. She narrowed her eyes “I’m not your slave! I’m not going to be! Isn't changing me entertaining enough? Are you ever going to let me go?” She may have been broken down, showed a lot of weakness, and went against her fear but she wasn’t going to lose the part of her that couldn’t be truly under someone else...or thing.

“Fine... Tell me your name...” She said and felt her throat getting better but she still was slightly thirsty. She’d rather not say anything about it. She didn’t want to get him any ideas of getting something more ‘alive’ consider he was joking before.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 205d 8h 32m 23s
She was still full of fire, a lovely sight. He couldn't help but smile once more and she was all his. His new toy to keep him company. He caught her mumble but didn't let it bother him, he simply replied.

"The Problem is Miss. Shape you have a lot to learn before you kill me. One of things is you need to this."

Her next question made him frown and he ran his eyes across her. Interesting, she was afraid of blood and now she had to live off of it. He wanted to laugh, what a intriguing twist.

"Sure," he replied slowly after a moment though it was clear it was simply an answer to satisfy her. He didn't want to deal with a hysterical women in his lap of course. "Now drink up I promise you feel better afterwards." He motion for her to drink and was satisfied once she did.

"Do you want to know my name now or will you keep calling me Son of a Bitch, psychopath, killer, etc." He listen for her reply and offered up. "You could always call me Master," rather playfully as if it was Christmas day and he had just been given a new puppy.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 205d 8h 58m 34s
She felt so much in pain and the sad part to it, she only had a killer that got rid of her friends. She despised him. She didn’t like taking the comfort of a killer but she didn’t feel like she had a choice. Her tears were wiped away and she listened to his harsh words. She was thinking of biting him, draining him, killing him. She didn’t regret wanting to kill him but wanting to drink blood?

“I’ll cry if I want to. You did this to me! “ She spoke very quietly. Being so close to him, she could hear his heart beat. It was just gushing with so much of it to stop her thirst. Just one bite...just one artery to break and it could all be hers. He could pay for what he did but she simply couldn’t do that. No biting him without permission...she was scared of what would happen if she didn’t listen.

“It’s not like I want to,” She scoffed and tried to stop her tears and then muttered very quietly hoping he wouldn’t hear “I’d rather have you dead a different way.” She glanced at the cup and closed her eyes, sucking in the air for a second. She felt that same fear in her when she was...normal. She’d run away if she saw someone bleeding and now... She held the cup in her hand and just remembered if she kept doing this, she’d turn like him, a killer.

“I can’t,” She flatly said “I don’t drink blood. I’m afraid of it...” She let down the cup even with the thirst trying to block her, controlling her. Damn, how much she just wanted it all but it wouldn’t be enough. No, she needed a lot more than that. Then she thought about it, drinking form a cup would be better drinking from an actual person.

“If I drink this...from a cup all the time. I won’t kill anyone, right?” She asked him.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 205d 9h 22m 32s

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