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The young woman's words cut off and his eyes narrowed. She had a what, if she had said she had a boyfriend he would of lost his good mood. He would of quickly announced not anymore, tracked the man down and had her kill him herself however luckily the woman had stopped by why had she stopped. The males mind drifted back to the night before, there had been two male's hadn't there, perhaps one of them been her boyfriend. The thought lifted his spirits once more, if this was the case then the man was dead and he had nothing to worry about.

He was pleased when she said pretty please and had gaining what he wanted he added one more comment in hopes of darkening her cheeks or causing some kind of frustrated tantrum. "You know you could of put some boxers on," he winked once and disappeared around the corner.

He headed down stairs stopping to grab to bags of blood, he knew he had told her she would be drinking only from humans but he hadn't meant all the time. He poured the blood into a tea pot and set on the stove to warm slowly before begging on a true american breakfast. He didn't bother to ask how she would like her eggs but rather did them sunny side up. It had been awhile since had cooked and as human as it was it was something he enjoyed here and there, even the taste of blood got boring.

Two plates where made and the pot was taken off, he poured two large cups into two coffee mugs before setting them down on the island that sat in the middle. "There breakfast is done, what do I get?"
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 245d 6h 20m 11s
She never even thought about him covering her mouth but well, yea she would have bit him if he decided to continue. She felt embarrassed that her cheeks were red but she didn’t even know if that was from anger or the fact that he was moved as close as she was with her boyfriend. Her dead boyfriend... She tried to pull the memories away from him. She knew if she thought about she’d start going into crying and she didn’t even know if that would make him angry.

Note to self, hide as best as you can if he ever drinks. She told herself. How was that from surviving him? Then her mouth slightly opened at his statement he was going to go get breakfast. There was something off about his mood at the moment. She glanced over to a window and saw it was still dark. Who ate breakfast at this time? She felt his gaze and felt a shiver go down her spine.

“Don’t look at me like that. I have a-“ She caught her tongue before the mention of her boyfriend but her boyfriend was dead. And not like would give a shit if she had a boyfriend that was alive anyways. She just stared at him a little lost.

“But it’s still dark...” She muttered and thought “You’re still drunk, aren’t you. That’s the only thing that makes sense... I’m stuck with a drunk pervert vamp ass hole, perfect...” She frowned, as she knew it was dark, she missed the real kind of food. The food that wouldn’t actually help her anymore but it would make her feel herself...human.

“Pretty please...?” She just doubly blinked. Then she found herself biting on her own lip and biting too hard because she was blood thirsty all over again. She sucked on her lip until it stopped bleeding but knew it was no good because that wouldn’t fill her up. She didn’t want that burn in her throat to return. Well, how bad could it be if she just waited a couple of hours before she mentioned it or found some other way. She didn’t want another re-run of what she did last time.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 245d 6h 44m 10s
The threat of her screaming so closely to his ears so early in the morning made him let her go not her struggling. There was a smile on his face as he watched her fly away from him, he found himself in a good mood as he noted her red cheeks. Blushing, well that was something to be proud of especially when his member stood for presentation, any man would feel such a way.

Her next question made him roll his eyes as he bounced out of bed grabbing his jeans and tugging them up leaving his chest bare and in the open. "You know I could of covered your mouth to keep you from screaming..." he paused and glanced at the ceiling, "But figuring by your early morning fieriness you'd probably bite," he announced obviously in a good mood.

He turned and stretched heading for the door contining to speak, "Did I get drunk..." he mumbled the question out loud once more and then glanced at the empty glass cup behind him. "Yep think I did, you hungry? I'll go heat us up some breakfast," he paused and glanced at her from the door way. He tossed his gaze across her body and a lopsided smile grew.

"Here if you say, 'pretty please Raziel, I'll make you some real breakfast, eggs, bacon the works." As he said this he wondered if it sounded odd, especially since it was dark out. She would probably become suspicious of his odd mood but he wasn't always in the mood to be an asshole especially when he had awoke with a half decent woman in his bed.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 245d 7h 1m 54s
She was pulled into her sleep from how much desperately wanted an escape from this unrealistic world. It didn’t make any sense to her that this was all real but she choose to accept that it was because it was the only way she could just go through it. It wasn’t until a little later she felt as if she was being half pulled away into her sleep. She wasn’t fully awake but she wasn’t exactly asleep either. She couldn’t move, or open her eyes but she felt something lingering around the room and slowly her hearing senses start to come back. Her senses felt sharper than before. She only noticed that now.

Then she hard his voice claiming that he wasn’t immature. She remained not to move an inch, not that she could anyway. He was immature to her. She wanted to roar in laughter as he said he has been nice. Yes, because killing people around her and then turning into this, and killing someone and facing her biggest fear was being oh-so-nice. Maybe she shouldn’t reach his temper limit-even though she didn’t know exactly what angered him and what didn’t. She couldn’t predict his reactions.

She felt his arms around her and she managed to keep her heartbeat steady and heart beating. She convinced herself to just fall back asleep and ignore it. She did just that and let her dream about her family, friends and spending time with them. It made her feel more comfortable but also slightly worse.

Then she started wake up very slowly, her eyes still closed but her senses flooding back. She still felt his arms around her and then she felt him press against her back. She fought to roughly push him away and yell. She bit her lip, squeezed her eyes feeling his breath hit her neck and followed by his lips.

Hold it in, Angel. She told herself but then she had enough, when she felt everything. Her eyes popped wide open and she felt her throat burn again but that wasn’t even what bothered her this time. She struggled, squirmed to get away from him.

“Raziel, you fucking pervert move away or I’ll scream bloody murder in your ear and make you go deaf!” She promised feeling her cheeks filling up red. Well who knew, she could still blush madly. She only had that shirt on and she was pretty sure he wasn’t wearing much either. This was too close for comfort for someone who was a killer and not her boyfriend.

“You didn’t get drunk did you?” She asked a little worried.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 245d 7h 16m 52s
A ghost walked through the halls of this empty house, no living thing lived here. He didn't consider himself living anymore even though his heart beat, though his lungs needed air and his body nutrition. He himself had passed away long ago all that was left and all that was left was a selfish, controlling monster that lived with one a goal, an endless search for his next thrill. Something to end the ever present boredom.

'And Immature'

The thought drifted unwanted into his mind as he drifted back to reality, he found himself not with a beer in hand but this time a glass of scotch. He had heard breathing, in his fuzzy state he had forgotten he was not alone and had gone search for the source It had lead him to his bedroom where an angel now slept.

"Immature," he mumbled under her breath, she appeared to be sleeping and wasn't about to wake her. He felt sour from her earlier comment and luckily for her he had decided on scotch, the alcohol warmed him and made him rather weary of females as a whole. His mother and sister had caused that.

"I'm not immature," he declared quietly to her finish his drink. "You know I've been rather nice to you and you reward me with some lip young lady." The drink was settled down onto the desk his eyes glancing over at the fallen lamp and a smile twisted to his lips. "but you sure are fun," he added with a light chuckles as he slipped off his shoes.

"But you listen here, I won't stand for this much longer I'm only going nice cause your going through the change and I don't want break you." The jeans hit the ground leaving him in black boxers. This was followed by the shirt, "I think you might just be my cure," he almost slurred as he settled onto the bed curling his arm around her and pulling her close snuggling into her back like she was his over sized pillow.

His nose curled into her hair and he inhaled smelling his shampoo. His last thought until he would stir again in a few hours, not once releasing his prisoner was that he wanted her to smell like green apples.

When he did begin to awake he did not let go of angel. Some hard rose and began to press into her back, instinctively his hips gyrated but his eyes did not open nor did his breathing change. They where slow lazy strokes with no aim or purpose other then a natural one and after a moment they stopped as his head buried father into her neck, his lips pressed to the back of a neck and a smiled formed. You could him waking with little purrs as his legs stretched out, he stiffen pausing as if realizing what was pressed against her. He didn't care if she made comments or now squirmed he simply held on. "Good morning," he declared if though the room was dark.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 245d 7h 43m 5s
She felt his hand tighten on her hair and she held her breathe as the fear spread through her chest and up into her lungs. She instantly locked her lips and then she was released. She took a step back away from him and flinched hearing the beer bottle shatter. She kept on avoiding eye contact until he snapped at her. She didn’t want to look at him. She was too scared to meet him in the eye when he got angry.

So basically, he was the brat that had to have a final say. He said he wasn’t immature but it definitely seemed like it. If he didn’t get what he wanted, it was like he was throwing a tantrum. People that were high up were the same, and she always found them just immature babies who had to have it their way, only their way. He just killed her friends; he turned her out of boredom. That was definitely immature to her.

“I’m sorry...” She whispered very quietly, but didn’t mean it. She managed to slightly look at him and stayed still as he growled at her. She struggled to keep her footing being tossed away. She wanted to protest that she couldn’t do any of those things. She didn’t want to hurt people like she practically killed that guy and going out there, outside, worried her. She saw he was furious and she was worried that she was going to get it worse. She felt herself relax seeing him walk away.

“Definitely Immature,” She muttered under her breath and really worried if vamps could get drunk. He was already bad enough. So, she just went into the bedroom, fell down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She let a few tears out and then wouldn’t let them out again. She just tossed around and decided maybe sleeping would get her mind out of things. Maybe she’ll have a good dream about being home again.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 245d 12h 15m 6s
Immature. Well it had been awhile since any one had called him immature and this actually threw him a loop though he didn't let it show. He wasn't immature, he was too old to be immature. Did she really think he was immature. He eyed her now wondering how he should react to being called immature.

"No," the word fell from his mouth, an answer to her questions. No she couldn't get it from a blood blank, no he couldn't move away and no he wasn't immature. Being called immature had annoyed him, he realized this as his hand tightened in her hair with out him realizing it. His other hand let go of her waist and the beer bottle which crashed to the floor unnoticed as his now free hand raised to her face yanking her chin, she kept looking away from him and he was growing tired of it. "Look at some one when your talking to them," he snapped his lips pressing together in fine white lines.

"You don't seem to get it, and I am about to show you what I mean when I say I get final say," there was a growl in his throat as his gaze ran across hers. Agitated he yanked her head back and tossed her away from him.

"So its final, blood from living humans and shopping which will be done later tonight, I suggest you rest up and think over a few thing," he grumbled his fist closing and opening once more before he turned sharply and headed for the hallway. 'I'm getting another beer," he added glancing down at the spilled glass, he wouldn't bother with it right now. Self control was becoming thinner, he really was trying not to break her so soon but she couldn't even pretend to play along.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 245d 12h 38m 52s
She felt his eyes scanning her and she felt like he was another one of those guys that she simply didn’t waste her breathes to be around. Except, she couldn’t tell him off like she could with normal people because he could kill her if he wanted to. She attempted to keep her mouth locked and not snipe that he shouldn’t stare at her like that. She narrowed her eyes at his smirk and really had no clue if he saw or not. Well, even if he did, she’ll pretend like he didn’t to make herself feel better about this whole thing. As he mocked her, she definitely could tell what type of person he was.

“Immature,” She blurt out. She’d rather spend her whole life in here than spend it out there trying to kill someone. She couldn’t live with that. Better for her to suffer through it then have people die because she couldn’t hold it. The color of her skin was half drained at the thought of going out there.

“I can sit here forever,” She decided and swallowed, shook her head “You don’t understand. If I go out there I will go insane. I don’t want to kill someone in the streets.” She was practically pleading not to force her into that. She knew what he was probably thinking because she’s been noticing it from before. She was just some sort of pet to him and that bothered her.

She felt her arms wrap around her waist and her body too close for comfort near him. She bit her bottom lip and fought to attempt to push him away from her. She was afraid that he was just going to yank her hair again or something but didn’t feel that. Hearing his disgust told her that at least it wouldn’t kill her to go snack on an animal instead of a person. That seemed like a better option and then she heard what he said. She raised her eyes over at him, seeing his smirk.

“Do I have to kill if I get it from someone?” She rose the question “I don’t want to until I’m sure that I won’t.” She feared of it, almost more than she feared him. She couldn’t call people-humans because it was weird. She was human. Was... She repeated. You’re not human anymore. That’s right... IT just hit her again that she wasn’t.

“Can you move away from me?” She asked glancing away from him again.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 245d 12h 59m 40s
Raziel wanted to pout, throw a fit, something he had walked in just as the shirt had fallen across what would be a lovely chest descending to her knees. Even though he had missed the sight the one in front of him wasn't bad either. He could see more legs, more skin, more her. She was beautiful, perhaps this had been another reason he had spared her. She would be easy on the eyes.

His eyes snapped up from where they had descended down her body to her face. "I could of waited but I didn't," he replied smirking as he made sure not to answer her second question. He would let her decide if he had or not because he wouldn't. "I told you earlier I'm not going outside," he mocked with a roll of his eyes. Stubborn, she seemed stubborn. "Well your going outside, how else do you expect to control it. Are you just going to sit in here, trapped in this house with me forever or do you want some fresh air..." he paused realizing it sounded like she was dog. His own little pet, now that was a way to think about her. She was his pet, he simply had to train her.

She was moving past him and his arms swung slipping about her waist and jerking her close to his body only moments after she asked her question. His hand curled up to her hair grabbing it but not yanking quite yet as he swayed.

"Animal blood, ew we drink human blood its better for you," he stated as he peered down. "You are rather beautiful Angel Mille Sharpe and you have a rather quick tongue don't you. I think I like it, its been awhile since some ones talked back to me but I will let you know I get final say that means human blood and going out."

He peered down at her waiting for her reaction with a smirk. How would she react, coward, back down, or fight once more.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 245d 13h 18m 33s
She stepped into the room and felt her stomach swirl. So far, she wasn’t getting grabbed the hair, thrown into the ground or pressured to do what she’d rather not do but she didn’t want to call it safe just yet. If she did irritate him, things would get bad wouldn’t it? She then noticed she was holding her breath, and then went into his closet and well times like these it paid not to be tall. Although she really was wishing that maybe he put up an alert that this would happen, or something gave her an alert so she had her clothes.

She tossed her head to the door hearing his knock and felt the tension in her slowly release hearing that he doesn’t really sound like he was angry at her.

“No...Just give me a second,” She said. She was too off into her own head and emotions to actually be looking. Her eyes popped as he declared that he was coming in. Couldn’t he wait any longer!? She swore under her breath and just pulled out a t-shirt, rushing. She took of the towel and put it on, it ended midway to her knees. Enough to cover and sit comfortably. Then her eyes went to the door and saw he opened it. Did he see anything? She hoped not. She doubly blinked “Couldn’t you wait just a bit longer? You didn’t see anything did you?” She bit her bottom lip and folded her arms.

“I told you earlier that I’m not going outside,” She reminded “I don’t think you’d want to walk around with me like this with no control what so ever. But if you have a computer...I could try to order things online.” If so, she could find a way to bankrupt his ass. It wasn’t enough payback but it was a start. She was still building up the guts to talk to him. She didn’t know what the limit was but she hoped that she wasn’t reaching it. She moved to the door and tried to maneuver around him to get out of the room. She sucked in air and felt more thirsty and then she remembered those movies. Would it work? Instead of nibbling on people, animals? It may have been only the movie and the TV shows but how wrong would it be to try it out once she got the chance. She didn't know if she was allowed to. She turned to him, still not looking at him.

"Um...Just a question. Ever fed on animals?" She asked.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 245d 13h 46m 4s
When the woman had asked if he had looked he had rolled his shoulder offering the shrug as his answer. He hadn't but he didn't need her to point that out, though her reply had kept a smile on his face. Feisty, full of life but yet he could tell by the stiffening of her muscles, how her eyes didn't meet his that she was afraid. It was good to be afraid of him but only when it was called for. He wondered for a moment if she would always stay so fearful of him, he hoped not. He would enjoy a fiery debate as long as she knew where to draw the line.

Time, it would take time and the two had plenty of time on their hands to figure out how to make this work. She already showed potential as she demanded why he couldn't get her some clothes, she even added her size, the whole scene was rather cute and he wished it could of played out father but she fled before it could.

He followed her to the room and paused out side the door. He may be a monster but this had been his mother house and he could respect that with a little bit of manners. He did want Angel to like him at one point, in some form, she couldn't go on for years hating him. Raziel's tongue darted across his lips as he leaned against the wall, it didn't matter if she liked him she could go on hating him for what he had done.

His jaw clenched as he lifted the drink to his lips. Hating him for years, forced under his will but he knew better he had played that game before and it had ended bad. It was always good to have some sort of friendships with your companion, or at least an understanding. So with that Raziel lifted his hand and knocked lightly, "Did you find anything, are you dressed..." he paused his hand sliding to the knob. "This is my only warning I'm coming in," he declared suddenly pleased that no lock existed on his door as he twisted it and swung it open. "And I told you earlier your coming shopping with me it's been a few good years since I shop for a female and I don't think you'll like my style," he said as he stepped inside his room pausing to scan the room and find where she was.

A thought drifted through his mind, he still had more rules to teach.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 245d 14h 7m 36s
The sound of his voice irritated her and she peaked to see a smile spreading on his face. She held the towel close to her body, in case he wasn’t just a killer but a pervert at that one too. She wasn’t going to stay like this; he had to give her clothes. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes, no matter what race they were, all guys were the same. That shouldn’t surprise her. Her eyes rested on the beer on his hand and she wondered if vampires could get drunk. For her sake, she hoped he couldn’t.

“Did you even look?” She raised an eyebrow. She was stubborn as hell when she wanted something. She was starting to become thirsty again and her emotions for starting to fire up. As much as she feared him, she wanted to stand her ground.

“If there’s nothing around, why can’t you go out and get me some?” She questioned and then mentioned “I’m a small by the way.” Her hair was still slightly dripping from the shower and felt slightly cold from the difference of hot water to a colder air. I guess the way she felt temperature didn’t change too much. She bit her bottom lip, trying to play it cool and pretend she didn’t feel slightly scared to talk to him this way. She was scared but she also wanted clothes. She was just as embarrassed standing near him with only a towel. He may have claimed that she was his, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t speak up at this moment. She hated playing it weak, even though right now, she practically was.

“I guess for now, until I get something better, I will just go raid your closet,” She shrugged, glancing down at the floor. She took a breather and then turned around and start to walk away, and avoided any eye contact with him during the duration of talking. What if she seriously angered him with her demands or what if he was just being like any other douche bag of a guy? Better to escape now then find out.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 245d 14h 20m 26s
His name, his delicious name echoing through the house. For a moment he had forgotten she was there , that he was not alone, and that upstairs there was a now naked newly changed woman. His eyes rose to peer at the ceiling, clothes, yes that was right that was what he was suppose to be doing.

"Raziel," he mumbled, "I do like the idea of being called master." he sighed out to himself before shrugging his shoulders. It wasn't like he could force her, well he could but what fun would be gained from that. She was a completely different game, one he had not played before and this excited him.

Clothes. That was right he needed clothes, what had made him settle in the living room beer in hand. That was right, force of habit. The male rose with a frown as he heard the door open. He did have some... some where.

'you mind giving me something to change into' the male mocked with an open hand and mouth, rolling his eyes as he heard her. He had forgotten how demanding females could be. He headed for the stairs only to see her wrapped in a large white towel. A smile spread to his face as he paused as the bottom looking up to where she was near the railing. "Must I give you clothes," he asked sounding more like a child then a deranged vampire. "You look perfect in your attire," he added leaning his body against the banister the beer loose in hands.

"I couldn't find you anything but you are free to raid my closet," he added after a moment before his body moved up the stairs and towards her. He gave her a chance to either storm off or wait for his arrival. If she waited he would pause in front of her and take a closer inspection and let her know she was rather beautiful and he had made a good choice. If the young woman stormed off to the room he would follow at a slow lazy gate.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 245d 14h 42m 47s
She simply couldn’t digest something that was deep within her fears. Now, it was a battle between her fear and that thirst growing in her. She bit her bottom lip and hoped he wouldn’t get mad at her for throwing on the floor. The tension in her muscles grew until she heard him sigh. She watched him from the corner of her eyes and saw that he was still very much irritated. She got up from the couch and decided just to listen. Once he pointed out where the shower was, she instantly got in. She closed the door behind her.

She stripped off her clothes and saw how worn out they were from all that had happened. As she stepped in the shower she caught herself in the mirror and felt her stomach sink. She quickly glanced away and she let all the tears she had left run down. She let the water run for a bit and then got in when it was warm. She bathed herself and made sure by the end of it, it didn’t look like she had been crying. She was afraid of doing any single thing that he didn’t like. How in the world did it ever turn like this? She got out of the shower and then noticed she didn’t have clothes to change into. He didn’t give it to her yet.

“Raziel!” She called out and got no respond. She waited for a bit more but got nothing. She groaned and leaned against the door. That bastard... She then pulled out a towel, wrapped it around her body. She couldn’t stay here forever and if he took this long, it meant he wasn’t planning to get his ass up here. Why didn’t he just rot in hell!? She opened the door and mostly just followed her nose, and then stopped in spot realizing she was heading to the place that male was sitting dead. She covered her nose and squeezed her eyes.

“I’m done taking a shower... You mind giving me something to change into now?” She asked and then sighed “I’m sorry for throwing up...” She was aware that he was able to hear her perfectly and felt no need to actually get into that room. She wasn’t going in there. She didn’t want to see that.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 250d 16h 32m 32s
Yes he was a lot older the a hundred, and you would think after living for over a century he would have more friends however he wasn't a very 'friendly' person. It seemed he had issues with sharing and playing fair. "A hundred and eighty two, don't look a day over twenty four." The male crossed his legs and tossed a hand through his hair before glancing towards her as she said no. A shimmer came into his eyes as he peered at her his mouth pressing into thin lines. No, what right did she have to say no to him. He didn't get told no often and it was a word he never liked to hear directed towards him.

"No," he repeated slowly arching his brow showing that he was uncertain if he had heard her correctly. The young woman lessen what would be a brutal blow with her next words. "You will g-" his words where interrupter as she declared she couldn't. His mind drifted back to the fact that he wasn't certain what she was going through. He only knew what he had heard, the hunger was always worst for the changed and she was newly changed.

"Alri-" once more his words where cut off as he eyed her stiffening body and then she exploded. Never had blood looked so disgusting as when it was thrown up. His hand snapped out to grab her hair tugging it away as she emptied out her stomach. What an announce, blood and digestive fluids now scattered across the wood floor and who was going to clean it up. He let out a sigh and rose, "Come now, let me show you the restroom, give you a chance to wash off. I'm certain I can find you some cleaner clothing I can't have you in rags," he clicked out his irritation showing.

"I'm afraid you'll have to drink more blood," he added as he turned and headed back to the stairs, "The shower is upstairs I'll take care of the rest," he stated quickly leaving her alone before he broke her.

He ended up in the parlor looking over the dead form that was slumped against the chair. "I wonder," he mumbled out loud to it, "if she'll even survive," he shrugged his shoulders and glanced back. He'd leave her alone for now, she could find him when she wanted her clothes. A smirk danced to his face, that was a wonderful idea.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 250d 16h 57m 40s

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