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She found the tables turning as she laid under him. Her heart beat was beating fast, still with that blood lust in her but sonly started to fade away very slowly. As she looked up to him, hearing his words she couldn’t make control of herself. The Angel she knew was barely there. But, oddly, it seemed as if he enjoying this. Didn’t it bother him? She didn’t care if it bothered him. She didn’t care if he allowed her to feed until he died. But then...what will she do? If she was on her own...then what would happen?

“Why don’t they?” She asked out of curiosity but followed and repeated in a whisper “I’m only allowed from you. I’m just a toy to you.” She didn’t like that but maybe it was better than being killed days back. She wanted to try others but she didn’t want to face the consequences if he ever found that she did. She felt his lips on her neck; she let her eyes close for a bit as a smile spread on her face. A small part of her was telling her that she shouldn’t be enjoying this and the other was demanding to shut up. It was the vamp side, the blood lust side that was taking full control of her now. It didn’t matter who he was or what he did at this point. Her eyes fluttered open at his words. It was a slight awakening to the whole situation. Fed off of...? A small fear tingled in her.

“Promise not to kill me...” She blurt out. She was scared that he would get rid of her. He could if he wanted to. She couldn’t even put up a fight if he wanted to kill her because he was much stronger. He killed her friends that way, why not her? She grew worried and then felt his fangs slightly on her skin. She couldn’t deny that she was afraid.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 205d 23h 9m 19s
"I don't care," he replied shortly after as he watched her and it was true he did not care or at least he didn't think he cared. The only reason he had said something was she would get the stupid thought out of her head. She was considered dead, when her friends bodies where found it would be an animal attack, her body just dragged off disappearing into the large forest he had made his haunting ground.

Her body gave in to him as she slid closer, there was a warmth to her that he would never have, he could feel it as flesh touched flesh and her mouth moved to his throat. One day he would show her how it felt to be fed off, that if done correctly there wasn't pain but a burning pleasure that did not compare to any other sensation. His eyes closed drifting away as his hand curled up against her back keeping her beside him as she fed.

His eyes peeled open as she tugged away her mouth soft as she licked and kissed the spot, there was a smile on his face for he felt content and a mood to be kind but this was all torn away by her next question. He couldn't control himself, his body turned quickly so that she was under him though he did not pin her. "No, darling they do not taste as good as me," he replied with a purr, even if her words had tugged at his mood he still felt that nice high that it always gave him when some one drank from him. "And you will never see, you are not allowed to drink from another. I don't want to share you," he stated his head lowering to her neck where he pressed kisses. "Do you want see what it feels like, to be fed off of," he asked rubbing his nose against her pounding artery. Was there enough, had she drank enough for him to take a bite. To be honest he wasn't sure but he wanted to see how she reacted.

Fangs grazed the skin teasing.
  curzon / 6y 205d 23h 35m 22s
She doubly blinked; he thought he wouldn’t give a crap weather she killed, even her family. Although, she could understand that much. That if she got near them, it wouldn’t end up in a happy reunion. It would only end up with the blood thirst she had now released on them and she didn’t want to hurt them.

“I didn’t think you wouldn’t care if I killed them or not,” She muttered. The more the seconds ticked by, the more she was craving for blood. Blood, the one thing she feared now she desperately wanted. It was like there was two parts to her now but, one part was falling apart and the other was taking over. She peered away from his throat and saw him grin. She didn’t care what was going on his mind, she wanted him. She so desperately wanted a nibble out of him. She smiled as her eyes moved back to his neck. So tempting... She wanted it. She had to have it. Now. As soon as she heard his words she jumped at her chance.

She placed her hands against his bare chest, surprisingly liking the touch and then moving her lips to his throat. The blood was taunting her, and made her throat burn more to even spend a single second away. She let her fangs pierce through his throat and felt the warm taste of blood fill her mouth, so sweet and extinguishing her thirst. It was addicting. He just tasted so good... She didn’t ever want to stop. Why was it that he tasted so much better though? Of course, she knew nothing about real vamps, just what from the movies and books.

She was sucked deeper and deeper into her feed, into a trance that made her conscious vanish. It was filling her up a good amount but she didn’t want to release. She eventually did and licked off the blood of his throat, kissing the bite, but still sucking a little bit more blood in her. What would it be like to feed off of other vamps? She looked into him but by then the Angel she knew was gone.

“How do other vamps taste like? Do they taste as good as you?” She asked and smirked “I love your blood Raziel. That’s the only thing that I don’t despise.” She wanted more and her eyes were lurking over an artery. Stop Her subconscious suddenly spoke. Why should she? Because you’ll become no better than him and he’ll get angry for that. Think of your dead friends...how they were killed. She frowned and then pictured it and stopped herself from doing something like that, relaxing herself and telling herself that he’d kill her for trying to kill him.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 208d 22h 25m 49s
The question, does his father loved him left him frowning and this time he didn't have a quick answer. Love, his father had never loved him, love wasn't even in the ignorant old man's vocabulary it was a foreign subject, this gene had been passed onto Raziel.

"You can't see them because I don't think you want to kill them Angel." His answer was stout and short but it was clear that he had taken her first words into consideration. He would try, for now to curve his anger. This would defiantly take some alcohol and perhaps a little more blood.

Ah the woman despised him, he would hate to burst her bubble but he was use to being despised and felt that he now lived off the feeling of being despised. However it was good she knew to pretend, he didn't care if she really was nice as long as pretended. This showed that his little Angel was smarted then the usual bag of meat that are referred to as humans. He had picked a wonderful specimen to freeze in time.

What do you do, the question made him pause and peer closer at her. She sounded almost frantic now and her eyes where lingering not on his face but his throat where his veins pulsed. His smile twisted into a grin, despite all her big talk she still wanted him. There it was, her admitting her guilt as she declared how much more attractive he was, even if she was only talking about his blood.

Raziel suddenly felt pleased to be shirtless in front of her because now she could not remove her eyes and he twisted his neck as if to tempt her before patting his chest as if to tell her to move closer and lay across him.

"If you drink some more blood before we go your hunger won't be so bad. If you are full you can control it, so how about we get you started with a little bit of mine before feeding you the less refine." An open invitation.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 208d 22h 54m 31s
“If I be feisty, you grab my hair, throat, and wrist whatever and throw me around, and give me burses,” She reminded “I don’t want to take the risk.” She didn’t know what ticked him off and what didn’t. She felt nervous every time her emotions blurt out what she wanted to say. She couldn’t control that and it was getting really frustrating.

“Why can’t I see them?” She asked and then pondered “Does your father love you though?” Because she very much doubted how anyone could love a psychopath. She felt worse not seeing her parents, and her other friends. She wasn’t even going to go get back to school, get on with her career, fall in love; get married...none of it. She was stuck with him. She scoffed, it wasn’t easy was an understatement.

“Let’s just get this straight. I despise you,” She bluntly spoke “Nothing will change that. Don’t expect me to enjoy being around you when you forced me, killed my friends, making me practically go kill and destroy my life plan. I’ll only pretend once and a while that I like you and you might even believe it, but I’m only doing that so I don’t get you mad at me.” She didn’t favour lying about her thoughts, only when she really had to and she couldn’t control her words anymore. She couldn’t believe he would ever think that she would eventually get used to his company after all that he’s done. She didn’t want to go outside.

“How am I supposed to head into town looking like this?” She raised an eyebrow “What if I attack someone out and the open? What do I do?” She honestly knew that she going to lose her mind and go insane. She still felt that burn in her throat and even though she drank up, she didn’t feel like it was enough. She wanted more, so much more. She eyed him and took a breath, and slipping a smile. Don’t bite him She told herself but her instincts were telling her otherwise.

“You know... You smell so much better than that male,” She whispered lost in her lust for blood “Taste so much better...”
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 209d 24m 27s
"Illegal huh," he mumbled with a smile on his face, he liked her feisty reply and felt pleased he had broken that part of her spirit because he was certain this was what entertained him the most. The woman's mouth closed before she could toss anything else out and this almost made him frown. She was his company should she not talk to him.

"I haven't stayed with the times I didn't know," that he mumbled as she took the drink. "I like it when you talk to me, don't mumble you can be feisty if you like," he added as he laid back tucking his hands behind his head only to hear her speak again. This time she asked for him not to get mad and he wanted to laugh, he made a mental promise to try and not get mad as she continued on.

Even though she had asked he couldn't avoid the irritation he hated being told that he was alone and pity wasn't something he wanted. "I pity you to be honest," he resorted, "because you'll never see your family again at least I have my father," he countered with a huff. It was clear what she had said had bothered him though he made no move to her. She had asked him not to get mad.

He let out a sigh after a moment. "I know this isn't easy for you but I promise give it some time and you might even learn to enjoy my company." He twisted his head now to peer at her. "I'm really not as terrible as I seem," he offered not certain even himself if this was true. "Mm but I did come up here to tell you we're heading into town soon.'
  James Alexzander / curzon / 6y 209d 44m 40s
“Because that’s called animal abuse, it’s illegal! Only sickos beat up dogs, or even puppies.” She retorted to the question and then realized who she was talking to. She thought she was just talking to herself but that wasn’t even her subconscious, that was his voice. She instantly locked her mouth shut before she start spitting out other words that would only get her thrown on the floor again.

“Sorry... I thought I was talking to myself,” She muttered, feeling the change of weight on the bed as he sat down. She turned her head to him and she felt her stomach sink in. Her eyes went to the cup and her thought was starting to really burn. It wasn’t as bad as last time, but she knew it was getting worse and worse by the minute. She sat up and took the cup from him and glanced away. She saw the straw...that had to be the only nicest thing he could ever do in this world. She drank it up, even if she felt disgusted. She just hoped it wouldn’t come back to her head later and throw up again.

He really was twisted. She bet he would even kill baby animals, or maybe even baby humans if he wanted to. As she drank up, she noticed that she liked drinking from his blood a lot more. She looked at him, mostly at his veins but then glanced away. It was so tempting. And right now in her eyes, he was starting to look attractive-attractive enough to feed on but he said no biting him, and he meant that. She glanced around and really started to notice that he really had no one around here.

“I hope you don’t get mad, when I say this but I’m not surprised one bit that you seem all alone. No one would want to be around a psychopath. That’s why you changed me isn’t it? You got bored with everything, all alone, no one around you and changed me so you wouldn’t be. Am I right?” She asked and then heavily sighs and muttered “I pity you more than I pity me. At least I have people who love me.” She was missing her home. She never got to tell her parent’s good bye, or that she loved them. She never got to tell her best friend how much she meant to her, or tell her boyfriend she even wanted to take the next step.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 209d 1h 3m 54s
The woman seemed to of calmed down, quite and mouse like as she moved about the kitchen. He watched her for a moment considering his punishment. He wondered for a moment if she would stay this mouse like and if so he would not enjoy that. He wasn't paying attention when she asked to go back to bed. He had meant to tell her no, they would be leaving soon but she was already gone and he was staring at the tea pot in thought.

She hadn't drank her blood. That was his main thought after a moment and perhaps the only sign that the man could feel any kind of guilt because with in minutes he was heating up some more blood and pouring it into a black mug. He popped a straw in to be nice or rather to get her to drink it. In his mind he was only doing this because it was necessary she would need to drink to heal and to also control that hunger that clawed at her throat.

He made his way upstairs only to catch the last part of the woman's muttering. He frowned irritation seeping back into him, it seemed he was just on edge tonight. You don't beat a dog? He had beat plenty of dogs, why didn't you beat a dog. Curiosity got the best of him as he opened the door and stepped in heading for the bed.

"Why don't you beat a dog," he asked out loud setting the mug down before plopping onto the bed beside her. "And I have something for you to drink, you need to drink if you want to learn control," he added offering the cup.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 209d 1h 26m 1s
Every time he got close to her, she was always holding her breath, always expecting him to pull her hair, grab her throat, hand or something. She was waiting him for him to slap her something but didn’t get it and then when he touched her hair, she expected him to pull it but nothing. She felt so much hatred burning in her for him. Why couldn’t he just die and rot in hell already?

She could really see that he only saw her as some kind of dog, not a person. She felt a lot despise for him but she couldn’t do anything about it. She managed to sit up and then force herself to stand. She could already feel the bruises on her. She wiped away her tears and attempted to pull herself together as she head to the kitchen herself. It seemed like nothing happened the way he sat there and drank. Once he finished, she grabbed the plates, and mugs and might as well cleaned up.

She kept silent as she finished washing up the dishes and letting them rinse. Then she turned to him, meeting him in the eyes considering last encounter, he got angry for looking away.

“If its okay with you, I’m going to go back to sleep considering it’s still dark outside,” She spoke softly and then marched back up to the bedroom. She dropped down on the bed and was thinking to herself. Maybe if she picked up what his habits and patterns were, she could find her way around things and then later on, maybe she could even find a way to escape this hell hole. She then rose up from the bed, and went into the washroom, and let more tears run out but kept silent. She remembered her mother doing the same thing when she was just five years old but her mom was so happy now, like nothing ever happened. She doubted things would get better from here. It would just get worse.

Her eyes were puffy and red and she noticed the deep bruising around her neck and wrist. Now she was starting to think that her dead friends at least had it easier and wasn’t damned eternity with the killer.

“Fucking bastard... He shouldn’t treat me like I’m some kind of fucking dog, not even a dog... You don’t beat up a dog,” She spoke to herself, muttering some other things as she got into bed. She couldn’t sleep. She was afraid that if she even breathed the wrong way, that he’d get angry.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 210d 19h 54m 7s
That was more like it, those where words he wanted to here. He peered at her for a moment as if considering to continue on with the process or not. Even a mess she looked nice. Raziel's hand lifted to her cheek, it did not land hard in a form of a smack but rather caressed tucking back a few stray strands of hair.

"See isn't this better, you be nice to me and I'll do the same k darling," he didn't wait for an answer but rose up to his feet glancing down at the rumble mess below. Angrier, he had forgotten about that warning. The change caused a flux in hormones and her temper would be up for a few days, but this didn't matter. Training always started early no matter the excuse.

"I keep telling you, if you want to control your hunger you need to drink blood with more willingness, if your hungry you can't control it but if your full..." he shrugged heading back to the kitchen. His breakfast and blood should still be warm.

"Don't forget to do the dishes," he added over his shoulders as he disappeared through the walkway. He sat and ate and drank his drink as if nothing had occurred.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 210d 20h 14m 56s
Then the worst came... She should have never snapped at him. She knew that and if she just caught what she was going to stay then maybe it wouldn’t be happening. The tightening of her throat practically suffocated her, being slammed and the pain just spread. As soon as she got onto her hair, she knew he was going to be everything but gentle and she was right when it hurt like hell and she screamed as he dragged her. She instantly impacted roughly on the ground and she didn’t even bother to get up. She was done. She was tired of this. All that this did was caused her a great amount of hatred. She did fear him, and she had to remind herself if she didn’t act right, that he would kill her and she didn’t think she wanted to die yet.

She felt tears streaming down her eyes, trailing down her cheeks but her expression was anything but sorrowful. She turned herself to lie at the side, having her hair in a large mess and then he squatted right beside her. She locked her mouth and only could send that look of hatred at him, the want to rip him into shreds. He made her into this. Her heart beat rose at the theory of hunting her dad or going outside on her own. She’d kill anyone in sight.

“Shut up...” She croaked “And don’t mention my father... He has nothing to do with this.” She found herself shutting her eyes, preparing for some other impact. She was scared, and she has never been this scared in her life before. She had to fix things or else who knows if was even thinking of getting rid of her.

“I’m a monster... I get it. You don’t need to tell me that... I didn’t mean to snap at you. I just got mad and I can’t control it like when I was...human. I’m sorry that I snapped at you, but only because I don’t want you to kill me. If you want me to fear you Raziel, I’m terrified. I won’t do it again. I promise that if I ever talk to you like that again, that I’ll do you a favour and take my life,” She spoke out of fear, her voice shaking. She managed to look at him and hoped that he wasn’t going to drag her, grab her, or even worse again. She was only saying what she said out of fear but she knew that he wouldn’t let it go if she talked to him like that. It was cruel how she was already damaged enough from her friend’s death, killing and she also had to impress him to live.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 210d 20h 48m 58s
Sorry a five letter word that so many used to save themselves. He never liked the word, it held no meaning just an empty saying. The words before though, those had meaning. Full of anger and malice, direct towards him. He never liked it when a woman talked to him such a way and perhaps that was why he reacted so quickly rising to his feet, fangs pressed past his lips and his eyes had darken.

"There's one different between me and humans Angel, and that fact is that I'm not human remember I'm a monster," he hissed. His free hand that wasn't holding her wrist had curled up wrapping about her throat as he lead her back step by step.

"I'm the worst monster you have ever met," he added as her back hit the wall. His grip had tightened, he could feel her pulse beating hard against his hand. The hand around her throat stayed while the the other let go of her arm and curled in her hair only when this grip was established did he let go of her throat. There was a hard yank that could almost pull out hair as he ripped her from the wall and turned dragging her along.

They made it to the hallway before he threw her to the ground, he watched her body hit the flood and bounce. He was smiling now but it wasn't kind. "And you know what Angel your a monster too, did you forget that? Feel that ache in your throat, your hungry, you can't control it what if I where to release you on the town? What if I where to haunt down that father of your could you control it then," he asked squatting down beside her face.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 210d 22h 54m 20s
She didn’t expect him to change his mood just like that. All of this was just too much to wrap her head around and she just didn’t know what to do and not to do. Obviously, she had to control her temper before it angered him. She winced at his strong grip, clenching her teeth. She held her breathe seeing his eyes look up at her. She narrowed her eyes as he spoke. What hit her nerve was that he assumed that she was spoiled and she had it so easy before.

“I was poor you shit, my bio father beat the hell out of my mom and me until he got arrested and my step dad came along. So don’t talk to me about strong fisted punishment, because fuck I understood that very well as a kid. You’re not so much different than a human. You’re selfish, just as most humans and you throw a tantrum like a little kid when he doesn’t get what he wants. You’re immature. And news flash Raziel we don’t live in the era you grew up in. You need to grow up and learn that things can’t exactly please you and I’m sorry I can’t either because frankly it’s impossible to guess your next reaction,” She end up raging through despite the painful grip and then realized what she just said to him. She bit her tongue and her eyes grew wide. She could pretty much guess what could happen next. He could kill her for saying that. She felt her arms twist and yelped over at him and felt worse when she was pulled near him.

“I’m sorry... I’m sorry for what I said... I know. I’m yours I do whatever you want. I’ll do anything you want. I’m sorry...” She repeated and felt that fear grow so strong. She snapped at him again and didn’t even thing. Normally, she could control her temper to the max but ever since she turned into this, she couldn’t control anything.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 211d 12h 15m 17s
The male's muscles stiffen, his smile slipped away as his eyes narrowed. He did not move an inch as she snapped at him and his good mood slipped away. He didn't think she notices so he waited, he let her eat her food and even say thank you but this time she didn't get to get off so easily this time.

As she had eaten he had sat there pondering how to handle it, how he was going to teach her that her attitude could only go so far. His hand snapped out and in a not so kind manner he grabbed her wrist and ripped her to her feet though he remained calmly seated. He jerked her closer moving so she was position between his legs his hand and iron grip digging into her wrist.

He didn't say anything for a minute as he peered up at her.

"Let me guess, you where spoiled growing up. They didn't believe in a strong fisted punishment, do you know what era I grew up in? I have no problem hitting a woman who does not know her place," he stated twisting her arm behind her back and pulling her closer still. "Do you know your place," he asked slowly giving her one chance to lessen the blow.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 211d 12h 35m 19s
She was really started to grow frustrated of his teasing and she really hoped he would stop looking at her as if she was something nice to look at and touch. Even if he her boyfriend was dead, she was still set on him. That reminded her, of her boyfriend’s twin that didn’t come that night. She couldn’t imagine hearing his brother died and she was gone along with him. She shook her head trying to get rid of the complications between them. She couldn’t think of it or else she’ll let it all spill.

It seemed like a good idea so she did before she headed downstairs herself. She decided to sit down and just watch him and frowned to herself. She wanted her boyfriend back so much at the moment. She was missing him and his stupid jokes, teasing and holding her, always encouraging her in her singing. There wasn’t a day she didn’t sing and now...she hasn’t sung at all. Everything was dying...

She drank up first and then raised her eyes at him asking what he did he get. Why bother asking.
“You took everything from me. What more do you need?” She instantly snapped. Going through this was all too hard. Everyone close to her dead and then she had to go through this and him. She then attempted to calm down her nerves a bit.

“Why are you even asking...? If you want something you just take it even if I refused. If it was up to me, you’d get nothing,” She spoke calmer but she was still set in the bad mood from him getting too close, and then acting as if everything was so dandy. Maybe she should just take his good mood before he got into a bad one. She sighed and started to eat “Thanks for the food... I really needed that. That's the only thing I'm grateful for right now...” She really missed the taste of eggs, or just regular food. It made her feel better but it also made her stomach ache and then it reminded her she could never get back to her life. She could never see him again or reach her dream. She end up letting a tear go, pouting but then wiped it off. She finished up and felt like crawling somewhere and just releasing her emotions out but that didn't seem possible being near someone so heartless.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 211d 12h 47m 56s

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