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"You where flirting with him," he growled back, anger was filling him threatening to tip out. He had warned her, she was lucky he hadn't killed the man. He wish he had and then he heard the young woman's mouth, not directed at him but the woman. He inhaled sharply his body moving not towards her but in front of her just as the woman had stepped forward.

Fangs where drawn not at her but the other woman who's own white fangs shined against her red lips. There was a growl or a hiss, a strange sound in the back of his throat as he stared the woman down who's feathers where ruffled. It was bad enough dealing with one woman he couldn't handle two. The woman took a sharp breath in as she stepped back calming down.

"You're kidding aren't you, you changed her? How stupid are you, you don't kn-"

"Bella." The words where sharp and flat from his mouth cutting her off and turning on his pretty little angel. There was a smile on his face for some reason and the small flask of alcohol in his hand.

"Angel was that jealously I heard in your voice," he asked like a smart ass. She had gotten rather worked up now thinking she wasn't the first, that she wasn't special. It pleased him to know that she actually did like him even if she didn't know it yet.

"No Bella she isn't my new pet, she's my..." he paused running his eyes up and down her body. "My Angel," he decided on tempting fate by leaning in to steal a kiss from her cheek.

Bella could be heard huffing and puffing in the background but it was clear there was a respect for the man that stood between her and angel. "Well she needs to learn her manners before she gets her throat torn o-"

The male paused he had leaned in halfway. "Bella. My Angel is here and she does have a feisty mouth I can't control and you won't be laying a finger on her." He kept his gaze locked down, "That's my job..." He gave up on the kiss ignoring her reaction he clapped his hands together and peered about the shop. "Well what shall we pick?"
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 198d 17h 47m 59s
She wasn’t in her set of mind when she chased after him. She would have chased anyone who would have come out with a good smell. It didn’t matter if he was male or not. As soon as she heard him hissing, she could tell he was upset. She couldn’t understand what he was upset about considering he changed her and it should have been expected that she’d go after a person, actually probably even kill. She frowned as he spoke and then flinched when he grabbed her harshly. Her eyes popped hearing the rack of ribs.

“I wasn’t flirting with him!” She exclaimed “I just wanted a bite! Why did you do that!? By stop me from killing someone, I guess you meant you’d pull me away and then injure them for no fucking reason!” She was still slipping away from her state and then she locked her mouth shut knowing that she started yelling at him. She couldn’t help it. It was like the time of the month but a lot worse. She glanced back at the male and mouthed “I’m so sorry.” She felt incredibly guilty. Then she was dragged in and she couldn’t help but keep her upset expression on and then she heard ‘new pet.’ She turned to Raziel.

“What do you mean new pet? I’m not the only one you changed?” She whispered, wanting answers and then turned to the woman “I’m not his fucking pet! I’ll snap your fucking neck if you call me his pet again!” She was still out of it, from not being able to go taste what smelled good to her. She smelled more of humans and it just put her more on the edge. Even if he said that she was his. She couldn’t take that seriously. She belonged to herself.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 198d 17h 53m 41s
Oh why, oh why did he have to bring up the fact people would be looking. He could see her dipping into a depression. That life was gone, she would quickly have to learn this. The young woman however seemed to be learning nothing. Feeling rather shocked and amazed he watched her get out of the car and walk to male, a human male.

Anger drifted through him and he couldn't help but react. His body was quick as he grabbed and ripped her away from the man gaining a sharp what the fuck. Raziel's answer to the man was a rather dark glare, his shoulders squaring and his eyes darkening.

"I thought I told you darling, no new pets," he hissed his hand falling from her upper arm to her hand claiming her. He tossed a sarcastic smile to the male who seemed rather ruffled, probably frustrated thinking he had found an easy catch for the night. He was so wrong, he would be the easy catch. "Now Angel what did I tell you about flirting with other men," he asked looking at her his free hand coming up to stroke her chin before grabbing it harshly. The male reacted reaching for him, he didn't lay a finger as Raziels elbow slammed hard into the male's ribs, you could hear the crack as the male toppled forward coughing.

"Take that as a warning, come on darling as to how rich I am lets say more then him," and with that he dragged her into the store. The woman inside greeted him with a friendly smile. "Mr. Sutton your back a new pet I persume?"
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 198d 18h 36m 49s
She was really starting to notice how he would avoid some of her questions. How he wouldn’t answer if his father loved him. How he didn’t respond to even him being proud of himself. It made her smirk a little to know that she was starting to pick out things from him. She wanted the upper hand one day and knowing more about him, even his flaws, maybe she could even find a weakness that won’t get her killed by saying it.
“Too bitchy, huh,” She muttered. It must have meant he already tried out models. She kept silent for a bit and then heard him slightly lose it over the fact that he questioned her answer.

“I guess not...” She sighed “I’m sorry. It’s habit.” She was also sort of hoping that if she could control this thirst than she could get lost in the crowd and lose him. Then what? Call Cedric and explain the situations. He knew things about vamps, he would go on and on about it sometimes but she barely ever listened. It was his family’s thing. She listened to him swear and couldn’t help but smile a little. It really cheered her up to hear that people would be looking for her. Maybe her parents will looking out for her. Well, it was bad if they did but she still felt good that she knew that they loved her. But then she remembered that because they loved her and they didn’t find her dead yet...

“Knowing my parents they’ll look forever for me,” She muttered “My mom will be depressed...She’ll probably push my father away and blame him for letting me go. And...then there’s him, not only losing me but his brother. Then there’s my dream, my fans...” She was starting to drift off into more depression, with that hatred in her. She tried to pull herself back up but it was hard thinking of her life was gone but also her other friends. They all had big plans, one of the guys were going to get married next year.

“Because you’re life is screwed up, you ruin others too,” She stated quietly. She couldn’t whine about it forever because she knew she couldn’t change it. The car stopped and she instantly got out. She met eyes with the boutique and she was about to turn around in habit of looking away from anything that would screw her up finically.

“I have a question. How rich exactly are you?” She raised an eyebrow. Then she felt a nice smell ran through her nose and she wanted to just go chase after it. The smell fell on someone coming out and she really just wanted to go chase after it. Her mind drifted away and she start walking over to the male. He smelled soooo good. She grabbed the man’s arm, that appeared about her age and tossed him around to face Angel.
“Um... Hello? You’ve got a strong grip but you’re cute. Maybe you can let go for a bit,” He suggested.
“No,” Angel frowned but it turned into a smile “You smell real good...”
“Thank...you?” He stared a little lost, but tried to sneak his hand into her ass. She didn’t care. She let her mouth move into his neck. Ha, yea she was full but that wouldn’t stop her. She kissed and he seemed to be enjoying it until she start to poke her fangs gently at first.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 198d 18h 47m 13s
Pychology, it brought an arch to a brow but not much in reply, perhaps that was why he had stayed silent. Not proud of himself, what was pride he was him. He had no one to answer to, and no one who could look down upon him so what was the need in self pride. On the other hand she needed to have some. "Models are too bitchy," he replied shortly after as if he had to think about it. He had dated a few models, charmed them into bed for a fun night and they where always naggy, looking down their fake plastic noses.

Angel was certainly much better then that even if she had a feisty attitude. An attitude that sprung up as she stared at him. "What," he replied quickly taken back by the look only to have her reply the mall. He wanted to tear the car to the side of the rode and demand what she meant by the mall. Of all places she wanted to go to was the mall, an overpopulated, busy mall. He wasn't about to set her up for a disaster, he simply didn't want to deal with it. What he did do was pull out the small flask and take a swig before answering.

"We're not going to the mall, worst idea darling. You want to get packed into a small busy building in the middle of town,' he tossed her a look as if to ask if she was serious.

"I don't know if people are looking..." he paused for a moment as if thinking. "Wait... your from this town, you couldn't be a random fucking camper. Great- Fuck." The speed picked up. "Well since your a local and no ones heard from any of you for a few days I'd say people would begin to look," he huffed as took a sharp left stopping soon after in the parking lock. They where by a small boutique that didn't look cheap.
  curzon / 6y 198d 19h 38m 51s
“If you’re only proud of the objects that belong to you, then that must mean even you realize that you’re not proud of yourself.” She stated and then muttered the rest. At least your subconscious understands the wrong.” He lived for so long, yet he probably only lived being selfish and that wasn’t even called living to her. Living for yourself was nothing, emptiness. No wonder he grew bored. She felt his hand touch her chin and slightly blushed but moved away.

“If you wanted something beautiful, than you should have picked a model, not me,” She suggested. It would have saved her from this. She stared ahead, mostly in her own mind and then heard his sarcastic reply but it wasn’t something he should even be sarcastic with. She bit her bottom lip and stared at him but couldn’t help but crack a smile with a small laugh “So If I killed someone in public, hunters will run to your door...just curious but do you think they’ll win and kill you or not?” One way if she felt like the need to sacrifice someone in order to rid of him-even if it meant dying herself. She then shook the idea out of her head “You wouldn’t let me do that... That’s reliving. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone.” She took the bottle and forced it down her throat, closing her eyes and pretended it was juice. She noticed the speed he was going and felt her stomach plummet but didn’t say anything, although it was easily shown that she didn’t like it. Then they hit the city and she just stared at him when he asked.

"The mall...” She told him. Then she started to wonder if people thought she was dead, really dead. Her body was missing to them, so wouldn’t that mean they would be looking out for her? Do her parents believe she’s dead or do they think that she’s still missing? Are they looking for her. She frowned at the questions in her head.

“Do you think...people are looking for me?” She asked quietly. A part of her, she wanted them to look for him and the other side knew it was dangerous if they were. She stayed silent most of the time until he drove to the mall. She held her breath once and awhile afraid that a great scent of blood and then lose her mind.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 200d 20h 15m 50s
Like Van Helsing or something, hearing her say that had made him scoff. Human's and their out look on vampires. He wondered what she would do when she saw him eat a piece of garlic bread, or perhaps even step out into the sunlight. The male wanted to roll his eyes, he bet she half expected him to sparkle. This thought reminded him of when she had stated that there wasn't enough black in the house or coffins. Who would want to sleep in a coffin, the idea even gave him the creeps.

The young woman loved it, just hearing it from her mouth made his head expand. Of course she loved it, it was a beautiful car. "Of course they are, what else is there to be proud of," he paused to peer at her grabbing her chin in almost playful manner. "And then again I have you to be proud of, so beautiful," he murmured. He liked beautiful things.

"No," he droned out sarcastically to her next question. "I'll let you tear the person apart out int he open and have every hunter knocking on my door and out for my heart," he rolled his eyes. "As if, drink up that bottle I gave you," he added sternly as he pulled out of the garage. It closed shut tightly behind him and he took of at a not to slow pace down the hill. The heater blared to keep them warm and he didn't say much until a sign appeared for the city limits.

"Where do you want to shop at," he asked breaking the silence.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 200d 20h 36m 17s
“There’s actually vamp hunters? Like Van Helsing or something?” She questioned “They don’t kill right in front of people do they?” That scared her a little. She really rather not be killed-murdered. When she imagined dying, she thought of taking it the easy way out but of course, she wanted to die on her own accord not randomly not waking up one day. She noticed that hunters probably didn’t scare him one bit.

Her eyes carefully watched him and she couldn’t help but frown at another memory hitting her. Whenever her friends went out somewhere, she was always the one driving them back. Mostly because she was the ‘responsible adult’ in there group of friends. She followed him out and almost bumped into him as he suddenly stopped.

“Wow, someone’s got some issues,” She muttered under her breathe “No worries, if I ran off with one, I’d probably end up killing the person at this state.” Although, she was pretty sure he meant this rule to last forever. That meant she endangered Cedric if she called him for advice.

“Why don’t you want me to flirt with a per-humans?” She raised an eyebrow “Is it because you’ll get jealous Raziel?” She forgot to watch her mouth with the lack of control she had.

“Never mind about what I said...” She sighed and frowned when he patted her head. Well, compared to him, she was a child. He was many years older than her. She continued but almost lost him on the way to the garage and then eventually found him again. She saw a couple of cars and then found him in cherry red one. She had to admit that she loved the color and she loved convertibles.

“I love it,” She smiled lightly and got into the car herself. Then the rush of fear ran through her. What if she couldn’t control herself? What if she attacked someone? Forget about Hunters getting to her, she was pretty sure Raziel wouldn’t be too happy about it either.

“Are your belongings the only thing that you are proud of?” She smirked, watching him from the corner of her eyes. And he treats me like I’m the kid. She scoffed to herself. A little boy with many toys. That’s all she saw him. If she saw him like that, then she wouldn’t be as scared of him.

“If I lose it out in the street... You’ll stop me right?” She spoke quietly. She’d rather be killed, tormented than harm another person.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 202d 22h 50m 2s
The young women was telling him to hurry up. His brow arched as he a smile, "Oh hurry, I thought you didn't want to leave little miss." He dipped to the kitchen and with in a few minutes he came back with two bottles both a dark black plastic. He tossed one to her and took his time moving to the living room. "Drink all of that before we make it into town, I really don't want you tearing the town apart and drawing the attention of some hunters so curve your apatite real quick." He said the word hunter as if it was nothing, he had not mention before that they where hunted and didn't care how she took the news.

She would quickly learn to stay away from those vile humans who where out for their heart. "Especially you darling, I told you I'm the worse," he thought with a smirk as he grabbed a flask and tucked it into his jacket pocket. He returned back to her and paused now to peer down at her. As if to tempt her he tugged out said flask and took a large swig. "Ah, ready I'm driving," he winked playful at her and headed down the hall to the entry way only to stop sharply and turn on her.

"Oh, before I forget some rules." He clapped his hands together as if thinking.

"You flirt with a human, I kill him, you try to run off with a human, I kill them and then their family." He nodded his head liking how that sounded. "You listen to me and don't run off to far out of my sight," with that he patted her on the head like she was a small child and headed out the door.

They stepped out to see only trees surrounded them as far as the eye could see. A large driveway curved its way down a hill disappearing around the bin. The male turned left to a detached garage. He disappeared into it not waiting for her. Inside there was an array of old vintage cars and a few newer ones. The male seemed to of decided on a classics convertible mustang that cherry red for that was the one he hoped into, tugging down the roof even though it was dark outside.

It started up with a roar and a proud grin on his face. "What do you think?"
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 202d 23h 16m 48s
She felt a lot better to have him off her. Now if only she could just could turn back human and get far away from him and pretend like nothing happened. She wished. It wasn’t possible was it? She didn’t know what was real or not real anymore. But she could remember one thing is people mentioning things about vamps before. She thought it was just ridiculous but now, not so much. Her boyfriend’s family always made a big deal about blood sucking creatures of the night. His mother would even warn her to keep watch but she just took it as a joke, something to scare her off-not so much anymore. If she could just come in contact, maybe they’ll know what to do. How hard could it be? Just one call... Get away from Raziel’s sight; find a phone or a pay phone and call.

“If I’m on the news for biting someone in public, don’t blame me when citizen’s starts coming to the house with pitch forks!” She exclaimed and watched him get up. She rolled her eyes when he wasn’t looking. Men. They were all the same no matter what species. She got up herself and started to roam around the place to find something to wear. If she didn’t harm someone on the way there, the first thing she’d get to was clothes. She just got one of his shirts, managed to find her ripped pair of jeans, but at least it didn’t have blood on them like her old shirt. It could do for now. She head off into the living room and then heard him call.

“Sure! You mind hurrying it up?” She called out and muttered “Anything to stop me losing my mind...” She didn’t want to go out there in fear she would but she wanted to go out there to see real people. To see people li...she wasn’t like them. That’s right.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 205d 20h 39m 21s
Raziel let out a deep groan as his body rolled off of her, it seemed she was back to her old self. He wanted the woman he had just had back, she seemed fun not such a head ache, easy to control but it seemed that this wouldn't be. He tucked his hands behind his head for a moment and frowned thinking of a punishment that wouldn't make her sulk once more. "Alright fine I'll get out of your bubble, but get up find some clothes and get dressed where going into town if you don't want me so close," he stated as he rolled off of the bed and rose up. "I'm hoping into the shower, you can join if you want," he added with a light tease winking playfully once he hooked his thumbs into jeans and began to tug them down as he headed for the adjacent bathroom.

The shower would be quick and when he existed with the towel wrapped about his waist he wouldn't be surprise to see she wasn't there. He dressed simple jeans and a dark shirt before heading down stairs. "Want something to drink before we go," he called out expecting an answer from her some where.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 205d 20h 57m 15s
Everything was starting to wear off of her as her mind started to change back to as it original was. It couldn’t let go what he did. It was too beyond to ever forget. It seemed that everything needed practice. She didn’t know how to control it and apparently there was a way to stop it from being painful. There were still things she wanted to know. If she could control it, couldn’t that mean she could just go back and see her mom, or her boyfriend’s twin. She wanted to see them, just get a look at them. She wanted to feel human even if she wasn’t.

She wasn’t too sure if she could trust that he could live up to that word. Obviously if she did anything wrong or he got tired of her, she was going to be long gone. She was starting to feel how she no longer wanted him this close to her. She felt as if she was cheating. It felt wrong to enjoy the people she grew up with killer.

“I lived perfectly fine in my normal life,” She mentioned “Being spoiled won’t do anything for me. I have no friends, family. I have nobody. My version of living the best is much different than yours. Haven't you learned that materialistic things can only make a person emptier? I guess not... Not that you care.” She then reminded herself to check her attitude before anything else. She didn’t like being close to him anymore. She wanted her boyfriend, not a killer.

“How long do you plan to stay here with me in this bed?” She asked. At this point, she wanted her personal space. She felt disgusted that she even felt a little good around him.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 205d 21h 13m 16s
Raziel didn't want to move, he felt content the taste of her blood still rich in his mouth. He was peering down at her with a smile, there was something so pleasing about drinking from another. He wanted to cuddle into her warm body and it didn't click that this was his toy. This was a woman that had given her his blood and moments before had fed off of him.

His body pressed down across her as rested on her looking down. "I never said it hurt, it only hurts if you don't know how to do it. Takes some practice," he leaned his head back down to her neck burying his face there and breathing in deeply.

"Well have to grab you some body wash and shampoo and conditioner. Something that smells better, you deserve to be spoiled. You're mine now and I will spoil you. You are the best you can be treated as the best, dress in the best, live the best," he explained though he did not say the words 'if you behave' but it was there hanging in the air. He was rolling with the gentle comment, perhaps if she thought he could be gentle then she would behave better, learn to listen. He would give it a try, he had lived long enough to know that its better to let a woman think what she wants then correct her all the time.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 205d 21h 38m 40s
Because you’re a psychopath. She wanted to say. It was true that she really wasn’t anything but a toy to him. Something to entertain him and have around... And just like most little boys or girls did when they got bored with their toy, they threw them away, pulled them apart and damaged them. He may not kill her now or not so soon but if he did get bored, it was the end. Was that even called living?

She tried to calm herself feeling his lips on hers and then the fangs came in. She felt like losing her mind. She was fully awake now and she really rather not have him take even a small bite out of her in case he decided to change his mind. She felt a slight pain at the start and then it started to have this great effect on her. She sighed in delight. Her fast pacing heart beat started to slow down as she felt a tingle over her chest and bits of her energy leaving. She felt him pull away but it still left a tingly feeling in her.

“Good...” She muttered and then looked at him “I expected that to hurt like hell. How come it didn’t?” It really didn’t make sense when she thought about it. She was pretty sure taking blood-practically life out of another person had to be painful somehow. Also another big realization. He hadn’t done anything to hurt her at this point. Which was a surprise because usually, she got in trouble with him pretty quick. She slipped up a light smile “You’re gentler than you realize. I wish you could always be like that... That way it’s easier to pretend that I don’t despise you.” At the moment, she was enjoying the closeness between them but at the back of her mind she knew that it was fake. It was just because of the blood lust and now this sensation of being bitten. Maybe...she could distract him enough that she didn’t have to go outside.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 6y 205d 22h 33m 16s
Just a toy, his eyes lifted to peer up the side of her face. His wonderful, beautiful, feisty toy that was all his and only his. He had claimed her, changed her, and now owned her. He was going to wait, give her a few more days till he fed off of her but he couldn't wait not when she was so close. Patient had disappeared as he lowered his gaze back to her neck.

"Kill you," he repeated humor in his voice, "Angel I just got started with you why would I kill you." With that his pressed his mouth against her mouth, he didn't bite in right away instead he suckled and kissed taking what he could before his fangs buried more gentle then hers into her skin. One hand slid up curling into her hair but this wasn't to be cruel rather it was to tug her head gently to the side.

Raziel did not feed long nor did he take as much as she had but rather a gentle example to show to her that feeding was not always painful for the prey. She tasted wonderful, fresh and sweet there was innocence and he did not want to tug away. Self control quickly kicked in s he released her. His mouth stayed hovered over her neck kissing the small holes that would heal in an hour or so. "See how did that feel," he breathed out.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 6y 205d 22h 58m 24s

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