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101 Vamp Survival

Rule #1:
The only love we feel is to kill. The only person you care for is myself
Rule #2:
Follow my rules, what I say and you'll survive as a vamp. If you don't, then I'll kill you personally

Rule #3:
Stay away from HUNTERS

Rule #4
Don't bite any vamps for blood. That's only allowed on me when I say it's O-K

Rule #5:
If I catch you getting cozy with a human, I will kill them and then I'll inflict severe damage on you.

Rule #6: Stay away from your past life, family etc. Meet them. I'll kill them.

Angel's normal college life changed when she decided to go camping with her friends. It was supposed to be fun in the outdoors, sleeping in tents and roughing it up. She and her friends were in the middle of telling scary stories in the camp fire-until, it hit. What's it exactly? A vampire, he first targeted the males. Then he got to her best friend and then eventually got to her. But when he reached to her, he saw potential to kill his boredom. And so, he fed her his blood and changed her.

He's born a vamp, wanted in the vamp society for countless crimes. He thought it would be fun raising a blood thirsty new born. Someone to companion him, do whatever he needs, make living worthwhile. Or more so, that's what everyone been telling him it'll be like. Now, he has to watch Angel, and make sure she'll follow his rules. If not, he may decide to kill her in the end. Will she survive or will he grow frustrated or either bored?

About Vamps in this RP

  • Stronger/Faster than humans but not in an inhuman way,
  • If a human takes three weeks to heal something, a vamp takes one week. They don't need to kill, it's just his character that is more like a psychopath.
  • Feed once a day but don't need that much blood.
  • Most vamps are born a vamp. He's born a vamp.
  • Born vamps can choose which age they freeze in or just continue aging to death which most do. But once they freeze. They can't undo it. He froze at an age.
  • Burn in the sun
  • Sparkle
  • Allergic to garlic
  • Strong enough to lift a car with one hand
  • Takes five minutes to heal
  • Immortal


1. Post per day. If not. Post per 3 days. No more, not unless you tell me. I'm not going to bother for you to post though.

2. It's mature, sex, drugs, gore... All of that is included. TS when needed.

3. Picky about pics. Must be attractive, real, no scene, and a good size.

4. Minimum: 350 words . I'm expecting a lot more ;D

5. Be creative, add ideas. I don't want to be leading this RP by myself. Add some of his problems in there. This is his story as much as it is hers.

6. If you make him sweet, friendly, or when she makes a mistake and you make him say 'oh, it's okay darling! I don't mind...' I have to boot you out D: He's a psychotic wanted vamp, not a priest!

7. No instant love. By love I mean the emotion. She despises him for doing what he did. And he's only having her there to cure boredom and other selfish reasons. Later on...? Sure, why not :D

8. No worries, I'll dig a ditch for you if you're thinking about it. Let's face it. There will be dull times but they will eventually lead up to the juicy parts. If you really do get bored, just tell me you want to stop, and I'll understand :D


Name: Angel Mellie Sharpe

Age: 21

Bio: Angel had a steady life. Both of her parents happily married, she was an only child, not rich but not poor. She had close friends and a boyfriend. She was going to live out her dream of being a singer. She was ready to set up a contract and begin her career. Of course, the girl wasn't a saint but she wasn't the devil in heels either. She lived a normal life, with a not so normal personality. She stood out from others. She'd tell it how it is. She defended thing she loved and would easily sacrifice her life for the people around her. This wasn't her first accounter with a vampire...

Extra: Hemophobia

Name: Raziel Vernard Sutton

Frozen Age: 24

Real Age: 182

Bio: Belive it or not but Raziel had a family, his dad is even still around. Hell he even had a little sister at one point but his family wasn't perfect. He was an accident, a regret he never got to forget for the first years of his life and after he didn't care. He went on to do as like, however he likes, when ever he likes and over 182 years that hasn't changed.


This is not come first come serve. I won't respond if you ask me to reserve or anything else, or ask to join without a skelly. This will probably up until tomorrow.

Link of picture:


Frozen Age: 21 & up

Real Age:


Extra: Only if you have anything else to say about him.

Sample post: It can be old posts you've done.


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“I know people wear black in funerals Raziel. I’m not stupid;” She rolled her eyes back “It just reminds me from something my friend Julia would wear out in public instead of funerals.” Get over it Angel... It does you no good getting depressed about them. That can’t change. She reminded herself. If she could only really turn back time and not suggest that they should go camping. This was her fault in a way because it was her idea to go out. She shook her head and pushed it all back. It made her frustrated that this didn’t count.

“I didn’t complain that much,” She frowned seeing him smirk. This not complaining thing was going to more difficult than she thought it would be. She didn’t even know if it was impossible. She stopped most of her thoughts slipping out of her lips lately but some still slipped out. She took his arm and couldn’t see what he was smiling about. She got into the car and then felt her stomach twist and turn. How badly she wanted to see her parents, not just from the distance but talk to them. If she could only slip from Raziel’s sight for a bit then she could definitely make contact with Cedric. He would know what’s going on. She was still clinging onto her life, even if she knew it was long gone. Why would they think she was dead when they haven’t found her body though? Why couldn’t they just wait a bit longer?

“Why can’t I go back to my life?” She asked mainly to herself. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t. She was alive. It didn’t matter if she wasn’t human anymore; as long as she was breathing she could stay in her life for a bit more. She wouldn’t hurt people she cared about either-that wouldn’t happen. She wanted to even try to squirm back into her life. She waited until he drove there. She’ll figure something out...maybe.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 77d 6h 53m 19s
Raziel tilted his head back to see her in the black dress, he had ignored her comment earlier and wondered if she was stupid once more. She didn't own a black dress and they where going to a funeral, was she really going to throw a fit. Raziel scuffed as she stated this one of the three things, he shook his head denying her words.

"No it doesn't count, you are going to a funeral. People at funerals wear black, that is actually a funeral dress," he stated rolling his eyes as he rose up grabbing the veil. He stepped in front of her and began to place into her hair making sure it fell over her face hiding it from the world, "Also you did complain, you complained that I was dressing you up," he pointed out with a smirk. She had started even if she had stopped herself, she still complained.

Raziel smiled and offered his arm, if she took it he would lead her out to the garage and lead her to a black classic Lamborghini. If she didn't he would still head out to the car expecting her to follow. He opened the car door and waited for her to step inside.
  curzon / 7y 77d 7h 32m 5s
It delighted her to hear that he was giving into it, a bit of excitement rose to her. But she couldn’t help but frown a little at his condition. “What am a I Barbie do-?” She muttered her breath and then bit her lip remembering that he definitely could hear her words. She didn’t move her attention even for a second off him. But she made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t allow herself to get too comfortable with him. She couldn't imagine getting comfortable with the murder of her closest friends. It wasn't possible and it wouldn't happen. Not even eternity would be able to fix that.

"That shouldn’t even be a question,” She replied to his question but really couldn’t understand why he’d even ask her. Did her opinion actually matter or was he doing this just to fill up his ego? Why did it matter whether it was one or the other?

Her eyes followed him down the hallway and then saw him come back and open a box up. She stared at him for a good bit, “Ah, so vampires are attracted to Goths.” She couldn’t complain considering it could have been something completely inappropriate which most guys would go for. Although she wondered if he went out often. Julia, one of her dead friends would have loved the dress, she remembered Julia wore something similar in high school. She sighed and nodded, faked a smile, “As long as it makes you happy.” As long as she was able to break free out of this prison. She took the dress and decided to go into the washroom and change. She didn't feel the most comfortable being that she's never wore anything like this before. She managed to do her hair and came out wanting to go there as fast as possible.

“That counts as one of the things that I will do without a compliant. You have two left,” She smirked. She never said anything about him deciding on what time to use them. The next order he gave-she won’t complain but it would count as number two.

“Let’s get going then,” She told him and was telling herself to keep in full control when going out. She could do it. It wasn’t like she’d go killing someone she knew. That wasn’t possible. Was it?
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 77d 9h 21m 42s
Raziel's face dipped into a frown as she stated he looked like usual, what was usual, was the usual bad. His body moved to step back to the mirror and double check but she had started talking again. He rolled her eyes at her comment opening her mouth to tell her of course not, at least he hadn't picked a stupid woman to change.

Angel's voice raised to her and he smiled slightly as he heard her cuss, it was nice listening to her get worked up. She hadn't done that too recently with him. When she mentioned three things his smiled widened, was she a genie in a bottle now. Was he going to be granted three wishes, he already wanted to snicker.

It was when angel stepped closer, that he became interested. She had showed him little interest lately and even though her words where most likely a lie he accepted with a wide grin. Well if she thought he looked good then that was good enough for him.

"Fine but I get to pick what you wear, and we follow my little rules angel," he stated after a moment of peering down at her. He lifted a hand to stroke her cheek for a moment, "you really think I look handsome," he asked, he was a vain man.

He waited for her reply before stepping away and heading down the hallway. Keys where tugged out of his pockets as he unlocked one of the many locked doors and disappearing inside closing it tight behind him. He stepped out a few minutes later with a dress box, and a hat box bringing it back out to her.

"Here you'll wear this," he opened the dress box first. He pulled out the black dress the hat box contained a dark veil, "I want you to put your hair up in a bun, I'll help put the veil on. "Now get to it, we don't have much time."

He handed the items to her and plopped down on the couch to wait.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 7y 77d 9h 56m 39s
It didn’t seem to matter how much urge she had to head back into her life, or even go see them. Even though she wanted to disagree to everything that came out of his mouth, he was right. She didn’t have control over herself and things could go terribly wrong. Even if she were to get out of here, things would become a mess. She could feel it when she was taken out for a bit, wanting to leap into anyone that looked temping and it if weren’t for Raziel, she probably would have gone after that guy’s life. In a way, he saved her from doing something she couldn’t live with.

Even so, the sight of her mother and people she knew brought that ache in the pit of her stomach. She would do anything to see them again. She wanted to tell her mother some way that she shouldn’t grieve or worry about her or destroy herself over it. She couldn’t live with the fact their lives were going to move on without her. As she turned to look over at Raziel, she didn’t get the answer that she wanted. She knew he obviously saw what she was watching, but he chose to ignore it and ask her how he looked. She frowned but she didn’t expect anything more from him. She didn’t know why he was asking considering he probably already knew he looked good.

“The same as usual,” She admitted, technically not telling a lie. She didn’t want to use words that would get him cocky. Hearing that James is involved-she instantly knew this was connected to what they were speaking about last time. They really did kill this ‘friend.’

“Was this friend that you’re going to the funeral, the friend you were talking about with James? As in you killed him?” She questioned but then moved into something important. She had to get over there. She didn’t care what happened as long as she saw her old life-just once.

“Did you know that my fucking funeral is today?” She sharply asked and then calmed her tone “I know I have no control-what so ever. But...can you forget about that friend’s funeral and take me to mine? Please? I promise I won’t get close to them; I just have to see them-even if it’s from the distance. I’ll even do three things of whatever you want without complaint-just take me to see them.” She wasn’t the best negotiator but she decided that making any sort of threats was useless considering that there really wasn’t any threat she could think of that would be an actual threat to him. She had a new plan now.

“Besides...how am I ever going to learn how to control it if I never test it out?” She asked, and then she rose from her feet, stepped into his personal space, “And I don’t think I can do without you for even an hour. By the way, you look really attractive today, maybe you should dress up like this more often,” She put on a smile-fake but it would look real. She was of course lying but she was hoping that he’d fall for it.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 83d 5h 11m 36s
"No," Raziel replied to her question as he checked how the tie looked in one of the hallway mirrors. "I would love to take you out, you are a beautiful creature angel one who should be admire but I'm just making sure you have a better control over you need to feed." He hadn't let her feed off of him since she had pushed him over the cliff a bit of punishment, so she had been forced to pick out and pour her own cup of blood when she was hungry.

"And honestly, I don't think you've been eating enough I am more the certain if you where brought about a source of food you couldn't control yourself." He straightened it a little so it sat better and decided it look fine where it was.

He had stepped back out into the living room to ask how he looked when his gaze locked on the T.V. He knew who that was Miss. Sharpe, Angel's mother. Fuck was all he could think but he composed himself per paring a plan as she tossed her head back to look at him.

"James has the exact location I'll be picking him up on the way, just some cemetery in town," he stated calmly, "How do I look he," he asked.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 7y 83d 8h 23m 50s
After he said thank you, she wanted to fall back into the couch and waste this meaningless life away. She end up just standing front of him with her usual cold look. At the sound of a friend dying and funeral she wondered if happened to kill that friend. Then she thought about her family, still wondering what they thought she was right now. She wondered if they actually thought that she was dead. She noticed him trying to tell her to tie it, and she had an idea to strangle him with it but from last time, she knew how that would end up as. It was no use to do it. Her eyes rolled and she did tie it for him.

“I hope that friend wasn’t someone you killed then,” She muttered and then listened to him about how she’d be left on her own. That sounded perfect to her. Her eyes lit up a bit but when she heard that it was even going to more trickier to get out of here, it just made her more frustrated. She was sure that she could find something to break the garage lock, hot wire a car and go. Although, he’d notice if something was broken. Walking all the way seemed like hell but all she needed was to find someone in the road with a car.

“Are you always going to keep me locked in here?” She asked. It was a good time to get out, but she needed a way to actually make it to town before he came back. She was pretty sure funeral’s took a while but...still.

“Have fun at the funeral,” She muttered and then moved back into the couch and then decided instead of letting herself think for a long time, she turned on the TV. Through the channels she went by the news, and skipped it but then went back seeing that it was about the young adults that were killed by an animal. It was more about that-it was about her. She doubly blinked and felt her stomach swirl, growing sick. They really did think she was dead. This couldn’t be happening! Then she saw her mom talking and found herself in some tears. She bit her bottom lip and wondered the exact place he was heading. She tossed her head to him “Tell me the exact place you’re going.” She missed her family so much. She wanted to tell her mom that she was alive, that she didn't have to cry and apologize to her boyfriend's twin. She couldn't do any of that and she had to do it. She needed to see them or else she'll never let go.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 86d 7h 49m 21s
He slipped into the kitchen after her, he was still weary of cooking since she had made him a sandwich and took the cup from her as soon as it was done. "Thank you," he replied back taking a sip of it enjoying the taste. O+ today, he would of liked something fresher but with Angel being here he hadn't had a chance to go haunting unfortunately.

"Well darling a friend of mine died some I'm going to a funeral today," he explained glancing at the tie with a frown and then at her as if to ask with out hurting his own pride if she could tie it. "You'll be left here on your own. I already locked up the garage so the cars are off limits and good luck trying to walk anywhere we are in the middle of now where on my property," he stated. "But there's a T.V I have an Xbox somewhere and there's plenty to eat. I'm also taking the laptop so no internet."

He eyed her for a moment to see if there was any clear signs of a plan, was she going to try something. He was sure, would she succeed. Now that was something to worry about.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 7y 86d 8h 17m 26s
She was wondering when this nightmare would end. It wasn’t too long since her friends were killed and everything turned upside down, yet it felt like it was years ago. A lot of things been running through her head and she really started giving a care in the world about anything seeing that she couldn’t go back into her life, not like she could without feeling guilty that she was the only one that lived-well-technically. She still wanted to follow her plan but so far she wasn’t finding the right time to do it without being caught.

Angel found herself sitting on the couch, her knees against her chest and her head resting on top of her knees. She didn’t even blink staring at the wall, lost in her own little world as usual. It was running through ideas and ways that she could make contact because she despised the idea being stuck with him for eternity-literality. After all, Angel was stubborn as hell and wouldn’t give up because everything else was falling apart. She was wearing a pale pink summer dress, feeling comfortable in it and it reminded her of a couple of things. At the sound of his voice she was pulled away from her own safe heaven and into the hell of living with a vampire. Who knew this day would come.

She rose up to her feet and head for the kitchen. She’s learned that when she could get him in the good mood by doing something simple-might as well take it. “Now wouldn’t that be funny? Dying because ‘you’re angel ’ poisoned you? I’d like that,” She smirked and then decided to warm up blood, doing her best not to look it and counting the seconds down until she was done with it. Her eyes then lead to Raziel and saw him all dressed up.

“Where are you going?” She curiously asked, with a little spark of hope in her. If he was leaving her here-this was her chance to do what she wanted. She really wanted to go back to her town. Although, she really was curious onto where he was heading off to.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 86d 8h 40m 16s
"Well darling a dear friend of mine," he replied with a twinkle to his eye and a smile sitting on his lip as if he said the most entertaining thing ever. "Now this way James."

It had been a little over a week since that day. He had still not killed his little angel and had learn to deal with her even if she seemed to learn almost nothing but there was one thing for certain alcohol had been now added to his diet. At the moment he was in the shower, today he had to go to a funeral and he was trying to compose the silly grin on his face. James had picked well.

The man's name was Jacob E. Fredworth, he was the local unwanted poacher and one Raziel had never liked for he often combed through his property and he was a private man. Angel, well he was certain she was mopping some where around the house. She didn't even know he would be leaving and wondered how she would handle herself. He didn't keep a house line and he didn't think she had a cell phone so he was certain she would not be able to call out and hoped she was past that delusional hope.

He wondered if he should tell her that today was also her funeral, in the very same graveyard. Angel Millie Sharpe was labeled dead, a brutal animal attack. No he would wait to deal with that mess later but for now he needed to dry off and get dressed.

IT was another half hour before he emerged from the bedroom, he was dressed in a black suit an untied tie laying against his chest. "Do I get warm cup of blood or must I still worry about you trying to poison me again," he called out as he moved down the stairs.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 7y 86d 9h 10m 45s
She wanted to say something but couldn't find the words. She frowned and stayed sitting on the couch, letting herself roam her own mind but, it was really killing her. Her eyes moved over to them at the kitchen. She snickered and promised herself she will sit still and not let her curiosity get the best of her. But lately, she’s just been doing whatever she felt like and, really didn’t see any reason not to. They had to know that she wouldn’t listen-well at least Raizel would know. She was prepared to make his life hell as long as she can get away with it.

She rose up to her feet and attempted to be quiet as she moved close, but not too close that she could be seen. She listened on but couldn’t get exactly what they were talking about. Although, she’s come into some closure that whenever ‘fun’ was involved for anything like Raziel-it meant it wasn’t good. He sure looked like he had fun killing her friends. She stepped in more, and took a good luck, not even caring that they would know that she fully was there and listening.

“Not to intrude-but who’s dying?” She raised an eyebrow, “Fun equals death right? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works with two psychopaths.” As the words left her lips, she realized she needed to get out of this somehow. They were psychopaths and they weren’t ordinary psychopaths, they were vampire psychopaths.

“Are all vampires psychopaths?” She curiously asked “I’m not going to become a psychopath too right...?” She had a lot of questions. She honestly felt like a kid that knew nothing and had questions just about everything. Her eyes then fell on the blood and then at Raziel “I’m still thirsty, so you better feed me or I’ll start eying your arteries again.” She noticed how blunt she was being but didn’t care. With her life out the window, nothing mattered anymore.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 102d 4h 51m 51s
The blond let out a low chuckle letting her words slide away and he only arched a brow when she mentioned pushing him off a cliff. His gaze turned to Raziel. Raziel frowned lightly at this comment his eyes narrowing for a moment before he grumbled something under his breath. Why was she trying to cause so much trouble so early in the day, he wondered for a moment if she was up to something and decided to let her be the way she was perhaps it would scare James away.

"No," he replied to her question, he could be just as rude if she wanted to be in such a mood. "You can't you're not privileged enough," he stated motioning for James to follow him. "Lets take this into the kitchen I want to warm up some blood," he stressed on the word shooting her a look and heading to the kitchen.

"Alright make this short she'll want to ease drop," the male stated.

Jame understood nodding his head, "Seems some one got one of their family mates, they'll be knocking soon."

Raziel understood what he meant he was talking about hunters and they where after him to be honest but he had avoided this before, all he had to do was send James out. He would change a weak human let them go mad with hunger and let the hunters hunt.

"Alright then pick some one out have fun."

A dark smile spread across the blonds face, he always had fun with changing.

The blood was heated it was good enough for him.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 7y 102d 5h 24m 24s
Her smile fell off her lips when it seemed he caught on “Seems that you’re no fun.” She stepped away and rolled her eyes, cursing under her breath at how useless her attempt was. It didn’t mean she’d give up so easily to any other future attempts but it did mean that she had to get better at it. She dragged herself into the couch and fell down sitting. She bit her bottom lip and held her tongue at the threat. She never saw this part of her life coming. Being in a room with vamps. Heaven to a typical teenage girl who believed in all the ‘vamps are hot and sparkly’ and that kind of stuff. Hell to her weather she knew how this was like or not.

“I’m not cute,” She muttered. She was just miserable now that nothing was working out the way she wanted it to. Her ears perked up when she heard the sweet sound of chocking. She cracked a smile and then end up laughing but shut her mouth shut as he came out. She held back any childish laughter. He complained about the sandwich and mentioned that he didn’t do something like that to her. She couldn’t help but scoff.

“Yes, but you also aided with ridding me of my life and friends-be thankful I’m not pushing you off a cliff again,” She sharply spoke. She was right back into her bad mood-mostly because she was purposely trying to irate him, react to something-yet she was getting nothing and it was frustrating her. She tried to follow up to their conversation and couldn’t help but get curious. Curiosity usually killed the cat but it wasn’t like there was much to live for anyways not that listening on would kill her. She was starting to become thirsty again. It was just constantly feeling like there wasn’t enough and it was sick. She decided to go into the fridge and pull blood for herself up and tried to picture it as if it wasn’t what it really was-or else, she’ll just throw it back up.

“Is it fine to be curious and ask what the hell are you talking about?” She asked.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 112d 2h 34m 25s
"Actually I know plenty of trades where I can buy a human," Raziel countered to her remark glancing at James and deciding he was not a threat he once more moved to the bathroom to finish cleaning up the mess on his face.

James was left there rolling his eyes he was about to inform the young woman how much of an ass he could be only to be greeted with a rather cute smile, perhaps then he should of stepped back he knew how jealous the male could get but when such a sweet thing smiled up at you such a way you simply couldn't walk away.

James nearly chocked when the woman spoke to him in such a way and he wasted no time taking a step back and tossing his hands up where they could be seen, he could hear laughter from the bathroom it seemed this time Raziel was the one laughing at the comparison of size. "Well aren't you just out to get me kill," he winked playfully towards her to show he took no insult to the male's laughter. "But thank you for the compliment."

Raziel swayed out of the bathroom only moment's after she caused his Raz. "You know I will throw you over my knee and spank that smart ass of yours if you keep that up," his gaze turned to the male pleased to see his hands where he could see them. "And as for you, did I say you could come in what is it you want any ways?"

James brow arched at his remark glancing down at Angel once more, what ever she was doing it was some how positive because he had yet to be kicked out. "I just came to see what your sire, you picked a cute one I bet your smart too," he added. "Oh and to discuss certain business," he added on. Raziel was already heading to the kitchen there was the sound of chocking and cussing as he came out sandwich in hand.

"What the hell is this, who the hell puts salt on a sandwich, I aid breakfast you know eggs bacon and warm cup of blood," he grumbled glaring at the pair. "Business? Really they are looking for one of us huh? Who do we sacrifice this time," he sighed out heading for the stock of alcohol.
  Raziel Vernard Sutton / curzon / 7y 112d 2h 56m 19s
As she was ready to make her great her escape, she saw another male at the corner of her eyes. Lovely, another one. She thought to herself. She didn’t bother to even respond. Any person Raziel knew must have been as psychotic as him. She doubly blinked and easily looked away from him. She learned her lessons that psychopaths could look good. Raz She repeated to herself. It was much shorter than calling him by his long name. Her eyes move over to Raziel washing it off and hearing his response. So, it was decided. From now on he’ll go by Raz just because he loved it so much. Although...as if she wasn’t already frowning enough, she got irritated by the second thing he said.

“I’m a hu-“ She caught her tough before saying ‘human being’ which was untrue and corrected herself “I’m a person and you can’t own a person last time I checked.” She hated constantly saying it. Her eyes moved back into James and lit up a previous idea. Somehow, she built up the confidence to pull it off and have a little fun. If she couldn’t kill him, than she could torture him. She pulled up a flirty smile on and turned to James “You know...you’re kind of attractive. I wouldn’t mind being yours... I’m sure you have what Raziel lacks down there.” She didn’t know if she was embarrassing herself but at this point-she lost her entire life, her boyfriend, best friend, this was nothing. She just wanted Raziel to start a fight, have a fight to the death and die. That-or she can sneak out of the middle of the chaos. Evil. But she wasn’t going to bother to be good to a person that didn’t deserve it. She tossed her head to Raziel.

Raz , you get that off yet? Try eating your breakfast. I promise it will taste good,” She smirked. She just wanted to escape at this moment. She didn’t know if James was exactly like Raziel or not but so far, her impression of anything vampire was killer monster.
  Angel Mellie Sharpe / Ravenity / 7y 112d 3h 22m 15s

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