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Sebastian x Grell

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Grelp nodded his head slowly taking that in for account as a new memory. He looked up at the demon as he pet his cat, "I get a felling he doesn't like me though.
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 229d 2h 59m 55s
"that was the lord and master of this household." Sebastian siad. "my boss, and the man who allows you to stay here with us."
  Jazzmin-anime / 6y 229d 6h 16m 29s
Ciel nodded and turned, leaving with out another word, "Sebby...who was that?" Grell asked meekly
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 234d 3h 13m 46s
"Of course m'lord. Dinner shll be ready on time, just as always."He said. He hoped Grell was able to work with Udnertaker, it would hlep heal him more then being ehre
  Jazzmin-anime / 6y 234d 3h 42m 38s
"Yes I know of Undertakers presence in the manner. He came to my study and requesed that Grell stay here and that if he would be up to it. Work with him. If not he would work his keep here." He said moving away as a cat that fallowed into the manorcamw closer to him. He was feeling only slightly sorry for the reaper in the bed."have dinner prepaid in a timely manner." He said
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 234d 17h 37m 14s
SEbastia nodded and bowed. "thank you m'lord."He siad. HE was surprised by Ciel's tolerance, of both the grim reaper, and of the kittens that had so rudely invaded his home. SEbastian sighed. "The Undertaker was herre earier, I believe he's looing into WIlliam, an dwill be handling the reaper."
  Jazzmin-anime / 6y 234d 19h 31m 46s
Ciel was silent for a moment ad Grell pet Crimson gently not making eyes contact with the young lord, "I see." He said putting his hand to his chin as he glanced at the demon who, as he could, struggling slightly to control his anger, "well, I suppose the cat can stay as long as its not out of Grells sight." He said
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 235d 17h 40m 14s
"he lost his memory."Sebastian sighed. "apparently WIlliam.."SEbastian was tryign to not become angery. "Has been abusing grell for quite some time from th elook of the different bruises."Sebastian siad. "Adn the cats are in the manor becuase theykeep grell calm and happy."
  Jazzmin-anime / 6y 235d 18h 16m 48s
Grell only looked up with the angry face of Ciel and quickly looked down as Ciel nearly yelled, "What is that cat doing in the manor! You know know I'm allergic!" Grell kept his head down but Ciel still noticed the bruises on the one half of the reapers face, "what happened to him?" He asked raising an eyebrow.
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 236d 17h 36m 27s
SEbastian sighed and quickly stood up and opened the door. "I was just helping Grell relax some."He showed CIel Grell with the kittens. HE knew that would probably piss CIel off, as he hated cats
  Jazzmin-anime / 6y 236d 19h 32m 58s
Grell smiled and he continued to hug the demons and watch the cat he claimed as his. And that had claimed him. When a soft knock came at the door, "Sebastian. Grell what are you doing?" It was Ciel himself!!
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 237d 17h 41m 9s
SEbastian cracked a smile at the kiss as he held him
  Jazzmin-anime / 6y 237d 19h 52m 54s
Grell smiled softly and tilted his head softly and kissed the demons cheek, "I won't. Thank you." He said softly
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 252d 1h 51m 56s
SEbastian held him tightly. "Don't worry."
  Jazzmin-anime / 6y 252d 2h 11m 10s

The red head nodded his head softly and leaned in the demon more, "oh." He said softly petting Crimson
  Grell Sutcliff / Grellsgirl / 6y 264d 18h 12m 38s

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